Geogarypidae Chamberlin, 1930


Geogarypus was placed in the Geogarypinae as a subfamily of Garypidae by Chamberlin (1930). The group was raised to family level by Harvey (1986) who recognized several features that were unique to the group.

The family currently contains three genera, Geogarypus, Afrogarypus and Indogarypus. Afrogarypus and Indogarypus were previously regarded as subgenera of Geogarypus, and were raised to generic level by Harvey (1986). The characters separating these taxa are slight and require further research.

Species of Geogarypus have been recorded from many different regions of the world. Afrogarypus has been found in Africa and various off-shore islands, whilst Indogarypus (as delimited by Harvey (1986)) is restricted to India and Sri Lanka. Geogarypids occur in leaf litter, under bark and under stones


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Pseudoscorpions in this family