Cheiridiidae Hansen, 1894


The Cheiridiinae were recognized by Hansen (1894) for the genus Cheiridium which he treated as a member of the Cheliferidae. This group was raised to family level by Chamberlin (1931) who included two subfamilies, Cheiridiinae and Pseudochiridiinae (which he spelt as Pseudocheiridiinae). The Pseudochiridiinae was segregated as a separate family by Hoff (1964). Beier (1964) created the subfamily Pycnocheiridiinae for the South African Pycnocheiridium mirum.

The Cheiridiidae contains two subfamilies, Cheiridiinae with five genera and Pycnocheiridiinae with two genera.

Many cheiridiid genera are widely distributed, with Cheiridium, Apocheiridium, Crytocheiridium and Neocheiridium known from multiple continents. Leptocheiridium, Nesocheiridium and Pycnocheiridium are restricted to tropical South America, the western Pacific region and South Africa, respectively.


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Pseudoscorpions in this family