Titlesort icon Arrival Year Ship Name Story Panel #
GABATHULER, Peter 1968 Orcades 45
GABELICH, Antica (Annie) 1902 Oruba

Annie married Vincent Serventy ( he had arrived from Brac in 1898) in Boulder in 1903. After living in Kalgoorlie, Cookernup & Armadale, they...

GABELICH, Petar L 1961 Aurelia

Gabelich Petar Leon, arrived in Fremantle from Croatia on 04/04/1961 on the Ship Aurelia. Before me, my grandparents Petar & Perina arrived in...

GABRIEL, Dudley Irwin 1948 Empire Brent 311
GADALDI, Roberto 1950 Sebastiano Caboto 419
GADALETA, Domenico 1955 Neptunia

Lived with aunts & uncle: De Palma Family. Worked as grayfisherman. Was tragically killed at the age of 25.

GADALETA, Italo Giuseppe 1961 Oceania

Was a crayfisherman for 15 years. Part owner of the Rex. Owner of the Bolzano Fishing Boats. Restaurateur. Had four children 2 boys 2 girls....

GADECKI, Wladyslaw & Stefania 1950 Fairsea

Both taken from Poland in War as forced labour on farms and factories in Germany. Barbara and Stanislaw born in Germany. On arrival 1st stayed at...

GADEK Family 1950 General Hersey

Jozef and Antonina Gadek (nee Wadowska) were taken from their homes in Poland by the German Army to work on German farms and factories. Learning...

GADSDON, Thomas Joseph 1927 Balranald

Arrived at 21 alone having started his working life as a Marconi telegraph boy at 14. His forebears were watermen on the Thames. Struggled through...

GAEBLER, MJ nee RANDALL 1929 Oronsay

Mary Jane Gaebler nee Randall, known as Jennie was born in Ranby, Nottingham. She grew up as an orphan, travelled to Australia, married William...

GAFFNEY, Gertrude 1950 Cheshire

Moved to Australia on her own, was very homesick for the first two years. Used to go and watch the ships depart Fremantle

GAFFNEY, Hugh 1927 Ballarat 186
GAFFNEY, Jessie 1929 Orsova 186
GAFFNEY, Joe 1951 Orion

Every year on the 19th of April, I come back to the passenger terminal to re-live the moment I arrived in Australia.

GAGLIA, Adolfo 1952 Neptunia

Adolfo was the youngest of five boys and came out to Australia with his oldest brother Enrico. They were the last of the five to arrive as the...

GAGLIA, Angela 1955 Neptunia 178
GAGLIA, Cristina & Armando 1953 Neptunia

Cristina left her hometown with her son Armando 2 1/2 years old; to join her husband Mario. Accompanying Cristina were her 2 sister-in-laws and...

GAGLIA, Enrico 1952 Neptunia 178
GAGLIA, Ida & Filomena 1955 Oceania 53
GAGLIA, Mario 1950 Sebastiano Caboto

Mario left Italy leaving his pregnant wife Cristina, in his endeavour to build a brighter future in Australia. On arrival Mario worked as a...

GAGLIO, Maria Concetta 1953 Oceania

Husband, Tindaro came to start a better life & I joined him to start our own family. Left most of my family behind. We had three children,...

GAGLIO, Tindaro 1952 Oceania

Came to Australia to have a better life after war etc. Half of my family came here too, half remained in Sicily. Married Concetta & had 3...

GAHAN, Edward Joseph 1960 Orontes

Arrived with wife Mary Gahan (nee Relihan) and children Margaret (12), Ann (11), Edward (9) and Eileen (6). Son Anthony Gahan was born in 1963...

GAHLER Kurt 1961 Oriana

I came to Australia as a young adventurer and I fell in love with this country over the years and I made it my home. I married Helen Smart of...

GAIKHORST, K, N, S, K & R 1951 Sibajak

Parents arrived with 3 children.

GAILLARD Family 1950 Strathnaver

Jacques & Josette with children Pierre & Jacqueline arrived to a strange country and an uncertain future due to extreme bouts of...

GAIR, A, LE, BM, DT & RJ 1963 Fairsky

Agnes Gair, Linda Gair, Brenda (Durrant), Douglas Gair, Roland Gair.

GALANTE, Angelo 1955 Oceania

Angelo Galante came to Australia with the dream of a better life. Settling in Perth, he worked & saved to bring his fiancee, Carmela Gileno to...

GALAS, Cecylia 1950 General WC Langfitt

Deported to Siberia, Feb. 1940, aged 6. Travelled with family through Middle East, India and on to displaced person's camp in East Africa (1942 -...

GALAS, Jan (John) & Jadwiga 1950 General WC Langfitt

Deported, as an 8 year-old, to Siberia, Feb. 1940. Following Stalin's amnesty, fled the region in 1942, from Uzbekistan, across the Caspian Sea,...

GALAS, Maria 1950 General WC Langfitt

Deported to Siberia, Feb. 1940. Travelled through Uzbekistan, Persia, India and on to displaced person's camp in Tanganyika (1942 - 1949). Arrived...

GALAS, Rozalia 1950 General WC Langfitt

Deported to Siberia, Feb. 1940, aged 5. Following Stalin's amnesty, crossed Caspian Sea and resided in refugee camps and orphanages in Middle East...

GALAS, Zofia 1950 General WC Langfitt

Deported with husband Szczepan and 5 young children, to Siberia, Feb 1940. Szczepan died in a military hospital in Uzbekistan and an infant son...

GALASSI, Davide Rolando 1952 Castel Bianco 469
GALATI RANDO, Angela 1949 Sebastiano Caboto

Married to Sebastiano Galati Rando and was one of the first Italian women to work the land on the Spearwood market garden and open the continental...

GALATI RANDO, Rosaria 1949 Sebastiano Caboto

Married to Rosario Galati Rando who arrived on the 5/10/1927. One of the first Italian women to work the market gardens in Spearwood.

GALATI RANDO, Rosario 1927 Palermo

First Galati Family member to arrive in Australia and then sponsored other Galati families that settled in Fremantle, Spearwood and Brunswick...

GALATI RANDO, Sebastiano 1938 Esquilino

Owned 3 Italian Delicatessens in Fremantle first one purchased in 1958 in South Terrace, Fremantle then Cnr South and Solomon Streets Beaconsfield...

GALATI-FORMAGGIO, Antonino 1950 Surriento 168
GALATI-RANDO, Basilio 1967 Galileo Galilei

Arrived 1967, worked intensely, bought a house in Guildford. In 1968 sent for his family. Basilio raised three children, worked as a carpenter,...

GALATI-RANDO, Carmelo 1951 Viminale 106
GALATI-RANDO, Dina 1968 Galileo Galilei

Dina settled in Guildford attending Guildford Primary and Governor Stirling High School. Working in Fremantle area in Wool industry. Raising 3...

GALATI-RANDO, Marisa 1968 Galileo Galilei

Marisa settled in Guildford Primary, Govenor Stirling High School and Teachers College. Taught all over WA from Katanning to Derby and School of...

GALATI-RANDO, Teresa (ORITI) 1968 Galileo Galilei

Joined her husband Basilio who had left in 1967. Teresa raised 3 children, worked various factory jobs and fulfilled the Australian Dream of...

GALATI-TARDANICO Rosario 1956 Australia 47
GALATI-TARDANICO, Erminia 1958 Australia 48
GALATIS, Elena 1933 Orford

Elena left Ithaca with Klementine Moraitis. They came to marry men they did not know. They settled in Cottesloe where they lived the rest of their...

GALAVERNA, Giovanni & Eunice 1967 Galileo Galilei

Giovanni Galaverna, a Chef, was on a working visa in Newcastle, England when he met Eunice Rowell. They married in 1966 and migrated to Perth,...