Dwyer and Mackay

Gold Mine Mount Monger, various small buildings, five men standing on mine under makeshift shelter. Information on GM 1283 and GM 1457, Mount Monger, supplied by Olive Proud from enquiries with Grace (Barton) Jones, and her sister Mrs Smith, of Hannan Street (next to Hotel, near Museum). "This is Proprietary Gold Mine.. Charlie Hunt and McMahon (mine employed 14 men). Prospector Arthur Starr (later of Starr and Garter Hotel Hannan Street) lived in little house for years and built on another room, as some only had dirt floors. In 1945, J Cunneen and Edgar Smith took over McMahon's mine and crushed for the public at Huntingdon's Mill - they treated sands. They struck a big patch of gold and sunk another shaft over the hill. EGHS neg BA.133. Date 1922

Collection Item Data

Medium Format: 16.5x21.6 cm. / 6.5x8.5 inch
Condition: Good
Medium: Unknown B&W
Keywords: goldminemountmongersmallbuildingsmenstandingmakeshiftshelterinformationgmsuppliedoliveproudenquiriesgracebartonjonessistersmithhannanstreethotelmuseumproprietarycharliehuntmcmahonemployedprospectorarthurstarrgarterlivedhouseyearsbuiltroomdirtfloorscunneenedgarcrushedpublichuntingdonmilltreatedsandsstruckbigpatchsunkshafthilleghsnegdate
Accession Number: GMM457
Registration Number: GM01457
Location: Kalgoorlie
State: WA W
Creator:  T. F. Mackay
Original Legal Broker: Museum of the Goldfields - MOG; Golden Mile Museum
Cataloguer:  Jill Moffat
Month Taken: 1
Day Taken: 27
Year Taken: 1922


See GM 1570 and GM 1280.

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