VICE, embossing die


From workshop of Albany saddler, the late Arthur George Morrison b.1928 d.1989. The business was established by his grandfather, George, b.1859 (Scotland) d.1928 (Albany). George moved to Western Australia ca.1889 from South Australia. He was a qualified saddler and leatherworker and came to WA in response to an advertisement for a foreman cutter by Genders of Fremantle. After six months he moved to Southern Cross where he operated a business from a tent. By 1891 he had established a business in Albany as 'George Morrison & Co'. His son Walter Parlane (Parley), b.1895 (Albany) d.1974 (Albany) was trained in saddlery and leatherwork by his father and took over the business when his father died in 1928. He moved his premises more than twice, finally to a workshop adjacent to his home on Albany Highway. His only son Arthur George, b.1928 (Albany) took over the business when his father died in 1974. However, Arthur George was not trained as a saddler. He worked as an ambulance driver in Albany and carried on the business by doing saddlery repairs. Bench top vice operated with two hand wheels. Maker's name cast on one end: "THE BRITISH UNITED SHOE MACHINERY CO LTD, LEICESTER and on opposite end on sticker: "MADE IN GREAT BRITAIN".


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Accession Number: H1989.589
Accession Date: 12 Jun 1989



cast steel





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