GLOVE PUPPET, Father Christmas


Glove puppet, Father Christmas. Head made from stuffed pink felt; eyes, nose, mouth, moustache and eyebrows sewn on to face, white fur beard, red felt hood with white fur rim. Red felt jacket, with white fur cuffs and down front, black belt with copper buckle, black boots. Hessian sack over shoulder full of plastic toys; blue horse, green horse, red cow, brown cowboy, brown soldier, green soldier, blue horse bucking, yellow truck, red car, green sports car, pink basket, yellow ring, ring with Tom cat playing fiddle, yellow rabbit, blue Indian squaw, pink gun, white rabbit, green and white fish, grey gun, blue truck. The entire collection of marionettes and puppets, which includes 31 marionettes, 26 hand puppets (glove and rod), 20 puppet heads, 9 hand sticks, 3 stick dolls and a travelling stage, were used, and many were made, by Miss Frances Rogers. Miss Rogers, born on 19 Oct 1904, went to teacher's college in 1930 and joined the Education Department of WA in 1934. Between 1934 and her retirement in 1967, she taught at various country schools, took special classes for deaf and dumb children in Mosman Park and classes for mentally and physically disabled children in Leederville. She used the puppets as teaching aids for the disabled children.


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Accession Number: H1989.26
Accession Date: 4 Jan 1989



Felt, stuffing, fur, hessian.






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