BARRON, Edward & Jane

1796 – 23 February 1863
1800 – 23 February 1878

Origin Ireland
Accompanying Family Children Jane, Eliza, Mary Ann
First settled in Perth
Original Occupation Colour Sgt
Occupation in Australia Licencee of Perths 1st tavern, Dairy & Bakery


Departure Port London
Arrival Year 1829


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Edward Barron was Colour Sergeant of the 63rd regiment. He, his wife Jane and three children arrived on the "Sulphur". Another boy, born in the new colony was reputed to be the first white child born here. Jane Barron took out an Inn licence for the "Wheat SheafĂ® tavern - 1st in Perth. She also ran PerthĂ­s 1st dairy.


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Visitor Submitted Comments


    Sun 23 Sep 2012

  • Apparently a girl was born 25 December 1829- was the first white child born in WA.
    "The first white child was born in Western Australia on 25th December. This was a daughter of Lieutenant Roe. A child was born by the wife of a soldier at about the same time."

    Sat 24 Oct 2015

  • That girl was named Sophia Cossack Dent born 1st September 1829.

    Sun 11 Nov 2018

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