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ALBANESE, Mariantonia 1961 Oceania

Maria came to Australia with her Mother (Cristina) and Brother (Francesco). Her Father (Giovanni) had arrived 7 years before in 1954. She married...

ALBANY, Brian & Gladys 1949 Otranto

Rev. Brian Albany & family, on arrival in WA settled in Morowa. It soon became home & a 4th child, Angela born in 1956. After Morowa they...

ALBERGHINI, Danilo G 1952 Oceania 253
ALBERT, F, J, K, T & L 1950 Fairsea

Father's name: Franciszek Albert, Mother's name: Janina Albert, Sister: Kazimiera Albert, Brother: Tadeusz Albert, Self: Leokadia Albert

ALBERT, Henry 1850 Hashemy 159
ALBERTI, Calogero 1959 Neptunia

When I first arrived at the age of four, I couldn't speak a word of English. I am now a High School Teacher and I teach English. I married Silvana...

ALBERTI, Girolamo 1959 Neptunia

Girolamo married Maria Testa in 1974. They have four children, Teresa, Bruno, Orazio and Olivia. Girolamo is currently a councillor with the...

ALBERTI, Lucia 1959 Neptunia

Lucia married Gaetano Palermo in 1973. They have a daughter, Julie and a son Mark

ALBERTI, Orazio & Teresa 1959 Neptunia

Orazio Alberti worked at Arnotts Mills & Wares for most of his working life in Fremantle. In Capo D'Orlando he worked as a taxi driver. He...

ALBERTINI, Edio 1950 Ugolino Vivaldi

Edio was 22 years old when he arrived in Perth and worked as a bricklayer for Brisbane & Wunderlich. He Married Emma Panici and they had four...

ALBERTINI, Eligio 1952 Roma

Eligio Albertini arrived in Australia aged 17 and lived with his brother Edio. A bricklayer by trade, he changed profession in the late 70's and...

ALBERTS, Frank 1954 Sibajak

Frank is the 12th child in a family of 15 children. The family arrived in Australia in various stages, the first in 1952. All the siblings settled...

ALBERTS, Johan Cornelis 1953 Sibajak

Married in 1957 to Anna Vanderbol.

ALBERTS, Julia 1954 Sibajak

Married 1956, 9th June to John Knyn. Three children; Steve, Brian & Robert.

ALBERTSEN, Tony O 1952 Australia

2 brothers and 2 sisters left England (with 6 others) for Fairbridge Farm School, Pinjarra WA. Mother arrived in Fremantle, WA from London in 1954...

ALBONICO, Clemente & Teresa 1937 Romolo

They were naturalised Australians. They worked lived and died in W.A. Raised 4 children with 3 still living there. They were a pioneer family of...

ALBORN Family 1976 Kota Singapora 13
ALBRECHT, Ewald & Rosel 1953 Castel Verde 83
ALBUTT Arthur & Alice 1922 Esperance Bay

Briefly resided at Busselton under the Group Settlement Scheme until land deemed unsuitable. Transferred to Group 72 under Group Settlement Scheme...

ALCHIN, Jack & Kath 1974 Patris

Jack and Kath left England to join their eldest son John wife Molly, grandchildrem Gary and Kirsty who had migrated 2 years before. When John and...

ALCOCK, Henry W & Family 1895 Orizaba

Came with 7 children (2 boys and 5 girls). Brickmaker in East Guildford. On Swan Road Board.

ALCOCK, John & Dora 1950 Otranto

John & Dora Alcock, with their family, Tony 9, Malcolm 8, Marilyn 7 & Derek 2 arrived in Fremantle onboard the 'Otranto' September 1950....

ALCOCK, MC 1929 Orsova

Arriving just before crash of 1929. Worked briefly at farm at Cuballing, then had to find work in the Goldfields jumping trains. Met Marjorie Hill...

ALDER Family 1954 New Australia

Father (Jim Alder) served on Active Duty WWII, Germany & Africa. Emigrated family to start new life in Australia.

ALDERMAN, LRH (Bob) 1913 Armadale

Commenced teaching at Moonyoonooka 16/02/1914 and remained with Education Dept until 1955. Last school was Pickering Brook. Grandfather to Terry...

ALDERSON, A & AM 1952 Dorchester

Alfred was taken from the ship to Royal Perth Hospital for surgery to his bowels and took 6 months to recover. The family had 5 pound left when he...

ALDERSON, John EA 1947 Asturias

Nuclear Physicist & Artist

ALDERSON, Patricia Mary 1947 Asturias 228
ALDERSON, Richard & Mary 1947 Asturias

UK to Fremantle via Suez. Ship met at Fremantle by Dame Senator Tangney. First migrant ship direct to Fremantle only. Sponsored by Parrant Family...

ALDERTON, FJ, EJ, LE & SP 1925 Euripides

Group Settlers - Group Number 72 East Witchcliffe. A daughter - (JM Alderton) was born 02/09/1925 in Margaret River.

ALDONS Family 1962 Arcadia

In transit through Fremantle. Settled in Melbourne 1962. Married children now live in UK, Melbourne & Western Australia. Richard married...

ALDOUS, William & Lillian 1923 Orsova

Parents went to group settlement at North cliff. Dad used to do logging. My parents were the first couple to entertain "at the time". My parents...

ALDRED, Jenny 1961 Strathaird

Jenny left Preston after her mother died. She came to Australia to stay with her sister and brother-in-law, Mr and Mrs Vanderlist in Springvale....

ALDRIDGE Family 1954 New Australia

Geoffrey Alan Aldridge was the youngest immigrant to arrive in Australia at that time (so we were told) at less than six months of age.

ALEKNAVIČIUS, A & D 1950 Fairsea

Augustas (father) Delfina (mother) arived with 5 children as listed. Edmundas (son) 20, Edvinas (son) 15, Delfinas (son) 11, Janina (daughter) 8,...

ALESSANDRI, Oliviero 1952 Roma 361
ALESSANDRINI, Antonio A 1955 Neptunia 325
ALESSANDRINI, V & A 1955 Neptunia

Vittorio (Vic) had lived in NSW from 1952 – 54 but returned to Italy to marry Antonia. Vittorio and Antonia first stepped foot in Australia...

ALESSANDRO, Leone 1952 Castel Felice

Initially, Leo worked in a number of parts of the state in mainly manual labour roles. Later, he became a well-known and respected business man in...

ALEXANDER, Jim & May 1956 Arcadia

Jim and May arrived with two children - third born in Australia. Family lived in Sydney. On retirement Jim and May moved to Bathurst NSW. Daughter...

ALEXANDER, John & Pat 1976 Australis 233
ALEXANDER, John J & Maureen 1966 Castel Felice

John Johnston served Army 1954 - 1966 British services. Arrived 1966 in Australia. Trade Fitter. Served Police Department 1967/1975. Deceased 20th...

ALEXANDER, Philip A 1976 Australis 233
ALEXANDRIDIS, Ioannis 1959 Aurelia 256
ALEXANDRIDIS, Paul 1960 Patris 256
ALEXANDRIDOU, Alexandra 1960 Patris 256
ALEXANDRIDOU, Eleni 1960 Patris

Now living in Perth. Married name Helen Morse-Evens.

ALEXANDROW Adam & Katerina 1950 Fairsea

Arrived in Fremantle 1950 with wife Katerina, children Valentina and Walter. Initially settled in Cranbrook and employed by Western Australian...

ALFERINK, Johan & Anna 1953 Johan Van Oldenbarnevelt

Johan & Anna Alferink were very keen to migrate to Australia with it's great opportunity for their young family. That was proven with the...

ALFIERI, Maria 1955 Fairsea 12