Digitised Types: Ornithology

This table lists some of our digitised type specimens from within our collections. Click on the thumbnail image or the scientific name to view more details about the specimen and the opportunity to view extremely high resolution images of the specimen. Subscribe to our RSS feed to get the latest types as they are created.

Collection: Ornithology
Originally described name Collection Type Status Thumbnail preview
Acanthiza pallida Ornithology Paralectotype (?) Acanthiza pallida
Acanthiza pallida Ornithology Lectotype (?) Acanthiza pallida
Acanthiza pallida Ornithology Paralectotype (?) Acanthiza pallida
Acanthiza robustirostris Ornithology Lectotype (?) Acanthiza robustirostris
Amytis gigantura Ornithology Holotype (?) Amytis gigantura - Holotype
Amytis housei Ornithology Lectotype (?) Amytis housei
Cacatua pastinator butleri Ornithology Holotype (?) Cacatua pastinator butleri
Calamanthus montanellus Ornithology Paralectotype (?) Calamanthus montanellus
Calamanthus montanellus Ornithology Lectotype (?) Calamanthus montanellus
Calyptorhynchus baudinii latirostris Ornithology Holotype (?) Calyptorhynchus baudinii latirostris
Cerchneis unicolor Ornithology Holotype (?) Cerchneis unicolor
Colluricincla brunnea julietae Ornithology Holotype (?) Colluricincla brunnea julietae (1931) - Holotype
Colluricincla harmonica rufiventris Ornithology Holotype (?) Colluricincla harmonica rufiventris
Colluricincla rufiventris serventyi Ornithology Holotype (?) Colluricincla rufiventris serventyi - Holotype
Cracticus torquatus latens Ornithology Holotype (?) Cracticus torquatus latens - Holotype
Gymnorhina longirostris Ornithology Lectotype (?) Gymnorhina longirostris
Halcyon chloris pilbara Ornithology Holotype (?) Halcyon chloris pilbara - Holotype
Lalage leucomela macrua Ornithology Holotype (?) Lalage leucomela macrua - Holotype
Malurus edouardi Ornithology Lectotype (?) Malurus edouardi
Megalurus striatus Ornithology Lectotype (?) Megalurus striatus
Meliphaga albilineata fordina Ornithology Holotype (?) Meliphaga albilineata fordina
Meliphaga virescens glauerti Ornithology Holotype (?) Meliphaga virescens glauerti
Meliphaga virescens lipferti Ornithology Holotype (?) Meliphaga virescens lipterti (1930) - Holotype
Melithreptus leucogenys Ornithology Paralectotype (?) Melithreptus leucogenys
Melithreptus leucogenys Ornithology Lectotype (?) Melithreptus leucogenys
Melithreptus subalbogularis Ornithology Syntype (?) Melithreptus subalbogularis
Mirafra woodwardi Ornithology Syntype (?) Mirafra woodwardi
Mirafra woodwardi Ornithology Holotype (?) Mirafra woodwariti (1901) - Holotype
Ninox novaeseelandiae rufigaster Ornithology Holotype (?) Ninox novaeseelandiae rufigaster
Pachyptila belcheri orientalis Ornithology Holotype (?) Pachyptila belcheri orientalis - Holotype
Polytelis anthopeplus westralis Ornithology Neotype (?) Polytelis anthopeplus westralis - Neotype
Ptilotis insularis Ornithology Lectotype (?) Ptilotis insularis
Ptilotis insularis Ornithology Paralectotype (?) Ptilotis insularis
Ptilotis novaenorciae Ornithology Lectotype (?) Ptilotis novaenorciae
Ptilotis novaenorciae Ornithology Paralectotype (?) Ptilotis novaenorciae
Puffinus assimilis glauerti Ornithology Neotype (?) Puffinus assimilis glauerti - 1937
Rhipidura mayi Ornithology Syntype (?) Rhipidura mayi (1911) - Syntype
Sericornis maculata mondraini Ornithology Holotype (?)
Sericornis maculatus fuscipes Ornithology Syntype (?) Sericornis maculatus fuscipes
Sericornis maculatus fuscipes Ornithology Syntype (?) Sericornis maculatus fuscipes
Sericornis maculatus fuscipes Ornithology Syntype (?) Sericornis maculatus fuscipes
Sericornis maculatus fuscipes Ornithology Syntype (?) Sericornis maculatus fuscipes
Sphenura litoralis Ornithology Holotype (?) Sphenura litoralis
Spiloglaux ocellata carteri Ornithology Neotype (?) Spiloglaux ocellata carteri
Stigmatops ocularis media Ornithology Syntype (?) Stigmatops ocularis media
Stipiturus westernensis Ornithology Syntype (?) Stipiturus westernensis
Tyto longimembris maculosa Ornithology Holotype (?) Tyto longimembris maculosa
Xerophila castaneiventris Ornithology Lectotype (?) Xerophila castaneiventris