Blossia litoralis Purcell, 1903


Blossia litoralis Purcell, 1903a: 4-6, fig. 3; Hewitt, 1919b: 57; Roewer, 1932: fig. 149; Lawrence, 1962c: 201-203; Harvey, 2003c: 216; Dippenaar-Schoeman, González Reyes and Harvey, 2006: 77.

Blossiola litoralis (Purcell): Roewer, 1933: 370; Lawrence, 1955: 156, 181.

Solpuga grindleyi Brown, 1961: 577-579, figs 1-2 (female holotype only; male allotype possibly referrable to Toreus capensis Purcell) (synonymised by Lawrence, 1962c: 201-203).

Type Locality

Blossia litoralis: seashore opposite Duiker Klip, near Houtbaai, Western Cape, South Africa.
Oukraal, near Camps Bay, Western Cape, South Africa.

Solpuga grindleyi: Camps Bay, Western Cape, South Africa.


South Africa



Coordinates based upon: Houtbaai; Camps Bay