Rowlandius dumitrescoae (Rowland and Reddell, 1979)


Schizomus dumitrescoae Rowland and Reddell, 1979a: 176-178, figs 8-9, 27, 49, 63-64.

Rowlandius dumitrescoae (Rowland and Reddell): Reddell and Cokendolpher, 1995: 93; Harvey, 2003c: 116; Armas, 2004b: 48.

Rowlandius prope dumitrescoae (Rowland and Reddell): Armas and Víquez, 2010: 16, figs, 3, 6d, 8b.

Type Locality

Coto, Puntarenas, Costa Rica.


Costa Rica

Latitude: 8°36'N

Longitude: 83°00'W

Coordinates based upon: Coto