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COVID-19 Education Update

The WA Museum is now accepting bookings for school excursions to all of our Museum sites. Please take the time to read our COVID-19 Education Update to find out what the Museum is doing and any impacts this may have on your planned excursion.

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Caption: Under the Dome



Year Group: All year groups
Availability: Monday to Friday during term
Sessions: Various sessions commencing at 10am
Cost: $5 per student
Duration: 25 minutes (allow 30min)
Maximum students: upto 20 per session
Supervisors ratio: 1-2 per session

WA Museum has partnered with Fremantle documentary company, Prospero Productions, to bring you an immersive cinema experience… Under the Dome at WA Maritime Museum.

Enjoy documentary films throughout the year in this unique, boutique, 22-seat, 180° curved dome cinema with 5.1 surround sound.

Recline and relax in the plush seats and let WA Maritime Museum transport you to other worlds through films specially created for this dome experience, by a local team dedicated to showcasing the wonder of our state and sharing our stories.

The dome cinema is air-conditioned and has two seats that can be removed to accommodate two wheelchairs.

Our film library will grow with time and teachers will have past films in our library available to book.

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Experience one of the greatest animal migrations on the planet!

Once hunted to the brink of extinction, humpback whales have made an extraordinary recovery. The WA coastline captures the attention of scientists across the globe as it is home to the largest population of migratory humpbacks anywhere in the world.

Why this marine highway is so successful, is a question scientists are trying to answer. Why do more than 35,000 humpbacks travel this stretch of water annually?

Our first documentary—Whale Super Highway—delves deep into this mystery, and the Indian Ocean, following humpback whales and blue pygmy whales on their 6,500-kilometre migration down the coast of Western Australia to the freezing waters of Antarctica, and back again.

See whales like you’ve never seen them before! Enter their domain, learn more about their habits and meet the Western Australians that dedicate their lives to studying, understanding and preserving these truly majestic animals.

Download the Whale Super Highway Teachers Guide - PDF 11MB

Whale Super Highway is a Prospero Productions production. Principal production investment from Screen Australia, in association with the Western Australian Regional Film Fund (WARFF), supported by Royalties for Regions, Screenwest and Lotterywest.

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Booking Instructions

The WA Museum is now accepting Under the Dome bookings for School groups only

Under the Dome is still temporarily closed for the general public.

Please take the time to read our COVID-19 Education Update to find out what the Museum is doing and any impacts this may have on your planned excursion.


Further Information

  1. We currently do not take online bookings for Under the Dome.
  2. Please email education@museum.wa.gov.au or call us on 1300 134 081 to discuss your options
  3. Have your preferred dates and times ready when you contact us
  4. Bookings need to be made 14 days before the date of your visit
  5. Advanced payment will be required to secure your booking and you will require your school's payment card (we accept VISA or Mastercard)
  6. Payment can be made over the phone or a payment link will be sent to you
  7. Once your payment is processed you will receive a confirmation email of your booking. This email is also your Tax Invoice and receipt for the credit card holder. 

Please note that if you cancel your booking within 14 days of your visit, you will be required to pay the full cost of the excursion. Changes to dates and times are subject to availability. Refunds are not available for students who do not attend.


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Curriculum Links

Programs and exhibitions at the WA Museum support teachers in their delivery of the WA Curriculum to their students. Under the Dome film experiences have potential links to a variety of areas from both the HASS and Sciences Curriculum.

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Films in Under the Dome are approximately 25 minutes in duration and are screened and commence on the hour and half-hour.

45 minute versions of the film are available on request for students in secondary school or in primary schools with a particular interest in the topic (additional charges apply).

A standard class of 32 students will require 2 sessions. The class-half not in the cinema can explore the Museum with their adult helpers.

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Planning your visit

Specific to this program

  • Before arriving at the Museum please have students already organised into the cinema session groups with the appropriate number of adult helpers assigned to each group. This will save time when you are at the Museum. Students who have behavioural issues should be grouped with the class teacher or teachers aide who can adequately supervise them if needed. 
  • The capacity of the cinema is 22 seats. The number of students is capped at 20 per session, this is to allow at least 1-2 supervisors to also have a seat. Supervision ratios must be adhered to while visiting the Museum galleries.
    Years K-2 3-9 10-12
    Supervisor Ratio 1 to 6 1 to 10 1 per group
  • Under the Dome sessions start promptly at the allotted start time.

General to WA Maritime Museum

  • On arrival at the Museum, please check in at the Front Desk to confirm your student numbers, booked session times and emergency contact details.
  • The Museum is open from 9.30am for access to toilets and storage of bags etc.
  • If you are running late please contact the WA Maritime Museum front desk on 9431 8334, or the Customer Relations Team on 1300 134 081.

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Excursion Extensions in Fremantle

Teachers can combine the Under the Dome Experience with our FREE self-guided options to make Fremantle the perfect value-for-money excursion destination.

You can create a Fun in Freo excursion package consisting of:

  • Under the Dome Experience
  • WA Maritime Museum self-guided exploration
  • A Trek Through Time - our fun historical walking trail between Museums
  • WA Shipwrecks Museum self-guided exploration
  • Your own picnic lunch in Esplanade Park or let Cicerellos cater for you

All this from just $5 per student!

To create a Fun in Freo excursion package contact our Education Bookings Team on 1300 134 081 or education@museum.wa.gov.au

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You can download the Under the Dome education resources from the links below when they become available

WhaleSuperHighwayTeachersGuide.pdf11.09 MB