Paul Doughty

Head of Department and Curator of Herpetology (reptiles & amphibians)

Terrestrial Zoology

BSc., MSc., PhD.

Paul Doughty inspecting a specimen


(08) 9212 3826


  • Systematics of frogs and geckos.
  • Taxonomy of various other groups (dragons, skinks, snakes).
  • Exploration of remote regions for new species and distribution records.
  • Evolutionary and ecological processes as they apply to WA species.
Kimberley rocket frog (Litoria axillaris)

Kimberley rocket frog (Litoria axillaris)
Credit: P.Doughty/WA Museum



  • Researches taxonomy of reptiles and amphibians through the collections.
  • Develops collections through targeted fieldwork and collaborations with DBCA and university researchers.

Services (to other bodies):

  • Represents the Western Australian Museum at meetings and on committees involved with frogs and reptiles.


Alcoa Frog Watch:

Exhibitions and Public Programs

  • Co-ordinator of Alcoa Frog Watch programme.
  • Provides IDs and advice for consultants and government.
  • Regularly presents talks and provides media coverage of work in herpetology section.

Selected Publications

Paul’s Google Scholar page can be found here


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Selected publications (pre-2017)

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