Kenny Travouillon

Curator of Mammalogy (Mammals)

Terrestrial Zoology

BSc (Hons), PhD

Mammal Curator Kenny Travouillon


(08) 9212 3788


  • Marsupial evolution, palaeontology and systematics.
  • Taxonomy of peramelemorphians (bandicoots and bilbies) and macropods (kangaroos and allies).
  • Past and present distribution of marsupials.


  • Researches taxonomy of mammals through the collections.
  • Develops collections through targeted fieldwork and collaborations.


Exhibitions and Public Programs

  • Provides IDs and advice for the public, consultants and government.
  • Regularly presents talks and provides media coverage of work in Mammalogy section.
  • Contributed to exhibitions in Boola Bardip (open Nov 2020)

Selected Publications

Kenny’s full publication list can be found here



Travouillon, K.J., Butler, K., Archer, M. and Hand, S.J. (2022). Two new species of the genus Gumardee (Marsupialia, Macropodiformes) reveal the repeated evolution of bilophodonty in kangaroos, Alcheringa: An Australasian Journal of Palaeontology.

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Selected publications (pre-2016)

Travouillon, K.J. (2016). Investigating dental variation in Perameles nasuta Geoffroy, 1804, with morphological evidence to raise P. nasuta pallescens Thomas, 1923 to species rank. Zootaxa 4114:351-392.

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