Jenelle Ritchie

Technical Officer

Terrestrial Zoology

BSc Conservation Biology

Jenelle Ritchie in the field at Albany


Jenelle Ritchie is the technical officer for Terrestrial Vertebrates at the Western Australian Museum. She has a BSc. in Conservation Biology from Murdoch University, and was previously employed as a project officer in the Aquatic Zoology department at the Museum. Over the last 12 years she has participated in multiple remote field trips to the Pilbara and Kimberley regions, as well as trips to Albany and Perth on different marine research projects. Jenelle keenly enjoys communicating zoological science to the public and engaging with young audiences through the museum’s education programs.

Jenelle's research projects include:

  • WAMSI 1.1.1. Kimberley Benthic Biodiversity Project
  • Kimberley Woodside Collection Project


  • Ongoing collection management including preserving, identifying, accessioning and maintaining vertebrate specimens in wet, dry and tissue storage
  • Maintaining collection information across 4 databases, documenting and updating vertebrate specimen data
  • Preparing, sending and receiving vertebrate specimen loan requests from external scientific institutions as per federal and international legislative requirements


Exhibitions and Public Programs

  • Perth Science Festival
  • Tech Trails at Fremantle College
  • Pop-Up Museum at Mandurah CrabFest
  • Science Week
  • Meet The Scientists
  • Seaweek
  • National Youth Science Forum
  • Under The Sea School Holiday Program (Dampier Gallery)

Selected Publications

Richards, Z. T., R. Garcia, G. Moore, J. Fromont, L. Kirkendale, M. Bryce, C. Bryce, A. Hara, J. Ritchie, O. Gomez, Whisson, C, Allen, M and Wilson, N.G. 2019. "A tropical Australian refuge for photosymbiotic benthic fauna." Coral Reefs 38 (4): 669-676.

Richards, Z., Kirkendale, L., Moore, G., Hosie, A., Huisman, J., Bryce, M., Marsh, L., Bryce, C., Hara, A., Wilson, N., Morrison, S., Gomez, O., Ritchie, J., Whisson, C., Allen, M., Betterridge, L., Wood, C., Morrison, H., Salotti, M., Hansen, G., Slack-Smith, S., and Fromont, J. (2016) Marine biodiversity in temperate Western Australia: Multi-taxon surveys of Minden and Roe Reefs. Diversity. 8 (7).