Bill Humphreys

Research Associate - Subterranean Biology

Terrestrial Zoology

BSc(Hons), PhD

Dr Bill Humphreys measuring the landscape with a surveying tool


  • The diversity, distribution and phylogeography of subterranean faunas including anchialine ecosystems.
  • Exploration of local and remote regions for new types of subterranean community.


  • Develops collections on all aspects of subterranean biology through targeted fieldwork and collaborations with cavers, other museums and university researchers.
  • Researches the collections through a wide range of collaborations.

Services (to other bodies):

  • Sits on committees involved with scientific research engagement and provides expert advice to various international scientific research funding agencies.

Exhibitions and Public Programs

  • Through committees provides scientific advice on endangered species to state and commonwealth environment ministers.
  • Member of specialist working groups dealing with endangered fauna and communities, and aspects of climate change and aquatic ecosystems.
  • Provides advice on subterranean biology for public, consultants and government.
  • Presents talks and provides media coverage on matters pertinent to subterranean fauna.

Selected Publications

Bill Humphreys' Publication's 2009 - (early) 2014

Karanovic, I. and Humphreys, W.F. (2014). Phylogeny and diversity of Timiriaseviinae ostracods (Podocopida, Cytheroidea) with description of one new species from arid Western Australia. Systematics and Biodiversity 12:1, 93-110


Humphreys, G., Alexander, J, Harvey, M.S. and Humphreys, W.F. (2013). The subterranean fauna of Barrow Island, northwestern Australia: 10 years on. Records of the Western Australian Museum, Supplement 83: 145-158.

Poore, G.C.B. and Humphreys, W.F. (2013). Bunderanthura bundera gen. et sp. nov. from Western Australia, first anchialine Leptanthuridae (Isopoda) from the Southern Hemisphere. Records of the Western Australian Museum 28: 21-29.

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