Tuesday Curatorial

A park of memories: Tales around Albany's Lawley Park
18 May
Lawley Park, just outside the Albany CBD, is a tranquil place that contains a darker history, going right back to the start of European settlement in 1826. We will look into some of the events and characters that have surrounded this place since that time.


Ashes to Ashes: The lost buildings of Albany
June 1
Over the past two centuries, many of Albany's finest buildings no longer stand. Some have decayed, some were demolished. Look into the tales of some of these lost structures and find out whether they could still be standing today.


Man the Pumps
June 15
The last voyage of the coastal mail steamer Georgette.  Presented by Ross Shardlow, Marine Artist & Historian


Love to Learn: Albany's best-known teachers and their schools
June 29
Ever since Albany was settled by Europeans, there has been a need for schools and teachers. From the earliest private schools to the large public schools that expanded after World War II, there are many stories around these establishments and the teachers who worked there.