South West Printmakers

Sat 9 Jan 2021Sun 24 Jan 2021


Museum of the Great Southern

The South West Printmakers are a group of artists based in the south west and southern coast of W.A. Each member operates their own studio from Donnybrook, Dunsborough, Bridgetown to Kronkup and collaborate regularly to exhibit their work. The artists run workshop on all aspects of printmaking, to share print and other art related techniques used in each art practice. The artist’s attend an annual art camp, which has become an important part of the groups activities. The art camp is a time to explore, be inspired and collaborate which contributes to personal and professional development. The art camp results in a collaborative work the Camp Project.

The South West Printmakers also share prints with one another, which is possible through the editioning process.

The techniques used in this exhibition are lino, woodcut, etching, stencil and screenprint and cyanotype.

Carol Farmer has used etching, aquatint, solar etch and dab printing to show environmental changes within geological structures by depicted erosion, fragility and strength within rocky landscapes,

Sue Dennis uses relief and intaglio printmaking techniques to explore the paradox of humanity's relationship with the natural world.

Lianne Jay has used etching to show her inner experience of the natural environment. Exploring the power of surrender and delving into a space of response.

Yvonne Dorricott has used an etched line and relief shape to depict and record passing time through shadow outlines'

Christine Latham has used stencil and silkscreen to portray the ongoing unfolding of her Yamatji ancestry.

Helen Hulme-Gerrard uses the historic photographic technique of Cyanotype to capture the proportions and patterns created and repeated in nature showing inter-connectivity.

Janette Trainer is also depicting the ocean by using lino, woodblock, mono print and pochoir to show the ocean’s translucent qualities.