MIX Artists

Thu 1 Apr 2021Wed 21 Apr 2021


Museum of the Great Southern

MIX Artists Inc is a membership based association for contemporary artists in the Great Southern region of Western Australia. MIX members work in a wide range of media including sculpture, installation, painting, printmaking, textiles, and digital media.  ​
ARTISTS:   Susan Angwin, Kerrie Argent, Lynley Campbell, Kate Campbell-Pope, Jenny Crisp, Annette Davis, Renee Farrant, Nikki Green, Robyn Lees, Barbara Madden, Rachel Mordy, Jill O'Meehan, Nat Rad, Elizabeth Riley, Margaret Sanders
(Image Artwork:  "When all is said and done" by Ann Copeman, watercolour paper, ink, thread for WEB exhibition 2014.

Ann Copeman