Fire and Water

Restricted Entry Part 2: 1920 - 2020

Sat 30 May 2020Sun 6 Sep 2020


WA Maritime Museum

2020 marks the 110th anniversary of the Chung Wah Association’s official registration.

This photographic exhibition highlights the Western Australian Chinese community's contributions from the 1920s—including enlistment in the Defence Forces during the Second World War—through to the migration changes of the 1970s, up to present day multicultural Australian society.

The exhibition incorporates photos from Restricted Entry Part 1, shown in 2019 covering the period from the late 1880s to 1919, years after the first documented Chinese person in WA landed in October 1829.

Hero image featured in Restricted Entry Part 1.

Caption: The Vegetable Man

Credit: E.L. Mitchell courtesy of the Chung Wah Association