Fire and Water | 火和水

Sat 13 Feb 2021Sun 20 Jun 2021


WA Maritime Museum

Restricted Entry Part 2

In 2020, the Chung Wah Association celebrated the 110th anniversary of its official registration and longstanding role at the heart of the Chinese community in Western Australia.

Fire and Water is the second part of a photographic series exploring the rich stories of this community and its people.

Restricted Entry, shown in this space in 2019, highlighted the early history of the Chinese community in WA. The first documented Chinese person landed in WA in October 1829, four months after settlement in Fremantle. As indentured labourers and market gardeners, the contribution of Chinese Western Australians was significant, in the face of harsh immigration laws, racism and exclusion.

Caption: Mrs Edie Hoy Poy OAM CIT WA – descendant of Chinese pioneers and long-time advocate for equality.

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