Recollecting Sydney (II) and Kormoran

Fri 18 Nov 2016Sun 20 Nov 2016


Museum of Geraldton

Portrait o fthe crew in full uniform after a successful mission in the Mediterra

The Western Australian Museum is developing a new Sydney Kormoran experience at the Geraldton site, and will publish a special commemorative book featuring images from the most recent expedition to the wreck sites, to mark the 75th anniversary of the battle which saw the tragic loss of all 645 hands from HMAS Sydney, and some 80 lives from Kormoran.

Families and friends who are visiting Geraldton during the anniversary are also being invited to share their stories and bring with them any memorabilia related to their crewman, which the Museum will document and record. Bring your letters, photos, newspaper clippings or anything else you may have with you, copies will suffice. WA Museum staff will copy and document your items. There will be an opportunity to record your stories and experiences via audio. The purpose of the project is not to collect original artefacts or photographs, but to ‘re-collect’, through the copying and recording of stories and memories.

Please contact the WA Museum Geraldton for more information about the Recollecting Sydney (II) and Kormoran project and to register your interest by email:

Portrait o fthe crew in full uniform after a successful mission in the Mediterranean

Image courtesy of the Australian War Memorial (P00795.001)