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Strangers on the Shore

Strangers on the Shore is an electronic database containing all known European and Asian shipwrecks around Western Australia's where survivors have had Indigenous social contact.

Title Associated Tribe Location Yearsort icon View
Napier Broome Bay Cannon Gamberre Carronade Island view
Unnamed Wudjari Victoria Harbour near Esperance 1600s view
Vianen near Barrow Island 1628 view
Batavia Nhanta Houtman Abrolhos 1629 view
Boat from de Goede Hoop Yuat Near Moore River mouth 1656 view
Vergulde Draeck Yuat Ledge Point, north of Fremantle 1656 view
Boat from Waeckende Boey Yuat Near Moore River mouth 1658 view
Zuytdorp Nhanta near Murchison River mouth 1712 view
Boat from the Geographe Wardandi Wonnerup Inlet 1801 view
Unidentified at Eyre Ngatjumay, Mirning East of Scorpion Bight 1810-20 view
Corrieo de Azia Thalanyji Pt Cloates 1816 view
Belinda Wudjari, Ngatjumay, Mirning Middle Island Recherche Archipelago 1824 view
Cumberland Wardandi, Kaniyang, Pinjarup Cape Hamelin 1830 view
Whaleboat Pt D’Entrecasteaux Bibbulman Pt D’Entrecasteaux 1831 view
Mercury Weelman (?Nhanta or Malkana) ? Shark Bay, ? Greenough 1833 view
Mountaineer White Cockatoo, Murray and Will-Men (?Wudjari and Goreng) Thistle Cove 1835 view
Carib Ngatjumay/ Mirning Great Australian Bight 1837 view
Three Whale Boats from the Russell Nhanta, Amangu, Yuat, Wajuk Gantheaume Bay 1839 view
Governor Endicott Wardandi Toby’s Inlet, Geographe Bay 1840 view
Perseverant Shark Bay 1841 view
Ocean Queen Yuat or Wajuk Houtman Abrolhos 1842 view
Cervantes Yuat, Wajuk Jurien Bay 1844 view
Leander Amangu near Irwin 1853 view
Occator Thalanyji N W Cape, Muiron Island 1856 view
Calliance Worora Camden Harbour 1865 view
Brothers Thalanyji North West Cape 1867 view
Emma Thalanyji Dirk Hartog Island 1867 view
Nautilus Jaburrara Nickol Bay 1868 view
Enchantress Worora Champagny Island 1872 view
Minnie Fortescue Island 1872 view
Xantho Port Gregory 1872 view
Bertha Thalanyji Point Cloates 1874 view
Fairy Queen Watjarri ? Nhanta ? Malkana Y Island reef 1875 view
Stefano Payungu, Jinirigudi Pt Cloates 1875 view
Georgette Calgardup Bay 1876 view
Twilight and Bunyip Ngatjumay, Mirning Twilight Cove 1877 view
Mariano Jaburrarra Jarman Island 1878 view
Macey’s Wreck Nhuwala or Martuthunira Mardie Station 1880 ca. view
Swan Bardi, Djaw King Sound 1883 view
Benan Thalanyji Pt Cloates 1888 view
Maid of Lincoln Amangu or Yuat Hill River 1891 view
Sunbeam Gamberre, Miwa Osborne Island, Admiralty Gulf 1892 view
Duchess of Kent Cervantes Island 1895 view
City of York Unknown Rottnest Island 1899 view
Wanderer Worora Rogers Strait 1915 view
Mary Island Lugger Kulari, Gambre Mary Island 1920 view
Voladora Miriwoong Buckle Head 1926 view
Henry Wunambul Cape Voltaire 1929 view
Chofuku Maru Thalanyji Pt Cloates 1931 view
Atlantis Seaplane Float Miwa, Yiiji Kimberley 1932 view
Koolama Gamberre, Miwa, Kwini Wyndham 1942 view
Dulverton Gamberre, Miwa, Kwini, Wunambul West Bay 1956 view

This resource was developed with the assistance of Lesley Silvester and Mike Murray.