Rock art conservation: impact of microclimates on reactions of the environment with the engravings

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Presented by Dr Ian D. MacLeod, Executive Director, Fremantle Museums and Collections, Western Australian Maritime Museum

Part of the WA Museum’s 2014 In the Wild West Lecture Series.

The remarkable rock engravings found in the Burrup Peninsular are internationally acknowledged as being rich in diversity and intensity.  Rock engravings in the Burrup are subject to natural weathering in an arid and hot climate.

Dr Ian MacLeod has spent 35 years studying the decay of materials in the cultural landscape and has worked on conservation of rock art in the Kimberley, Murchison and in the Wheatbelt. Dr MacLeod will present the results of a study on the chemistry of the rock surfaces and the impact that natural and man-made materials have on the micro-organisms that control the rate of biodeterioration on the rocks.

Rangelands Natural Resource Management is the Presenting Partner of the 2014 In the Wild West series.

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