Top 10 Drupal modules for moving data

Morgan Strong's blog | Created 1 decade ago

We’ve been doing a lot of work creating some interesting application with our collection data and presenting them online. Most of the work is currently under development, but there will be a public interface in the not-too-distant future (keep following this blog for more details).

But at this junction, I thought it would be appropriate to share our 10 favourite Drupal modules that we’ve been using to import and manipulate large streams of data records.

So here they are (in no particular order):

Now for the next three, I’m not going to explicitly list Views ( as one of my ten dot points, as this is pretty much a standard, but these three are built on top of views to give us the results we’ve been looking for:

Hope you like the list, and if there’s some big data Drupal modules you love, please drop a comment below.