Museum vodcasts are streaming in (bad pun I know)

Morgan Strong's blog | Created 1 decade ago

One thing we didn’t quite expect when we published this website, was the volume of vodcasts and videos that we would be accommodating; a very welcome surprise.

We were initially planning for the release of one vodcast or one video per week, produced by the web team. But now that we have an ever-growing video presence, and lots of people within the Museum wanting to contribute, our current video index page is already growing out of its capacity and we’ve already had to increase publishing to two videos per week.

So we’ve got a few ideas on the burner for creating a better video index page and an improved way of navigating through video categories.

But at this point, I want to open it up to the public.

Outside the obvious video sites, like YouTube and Vimeo, do you know of some sites with excellent video index pages? Websites that have really reinvented the way that users can navigate rich media? Or websites that have taken the metaphor of video content categories and taken it to a new level altogether?

We’ve seen a few, and we’ve come up with original ideas for our new video page, but we’re always open to new ideas and concepts for inspiration.

What do you think?