• 23 Nov 2017

    Batavia's mysteries unfold with discovery of mass grave

    An international team of archaeologists, including scientists from The University of Western Australia and the Western Australian Museum, has discovered a new communal grave in the Abrolhos Islands, the result of deaths after a shipwreck of the Dutch East India company ship Batavia.



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    Mara Pritchard

  • Aboriginal Advancement Council banner ‘Let Us Advance Together!” at the Labour Day procession, Perth 1966

    27 May 2017

    Right Wrongs: '67 Referendum

    Today marks the 50th anniversary of the 1967 Referendum.

    On 27 May 1967, Australia voted to change its Constitution.

    The passing of this referendum enabled Aboriginals and Torres Strait Islanders to be counted in the national census and to be subject to Commonwealth laws, rather than just state laws.

    90.77% of Australians voted 'Yes', the largest ever affirmative vote in Australian referendum history.

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    Western Australian Museum

  • Roscoe playing his bugle at Blackboy Hill Camp. Dated 9-9-14

    25 Apr 2017

    Roscoe's Bugle

    The Gallipoli campaign is a poignant reminder of the sacrifices made by Australian soldiers during World War One. This battle helped to forge a national identity.

    Approximately 1023 Western Australians were killed during, or as a result of, the battle that began with the beach landing on Turkish shores on the 25 April 1915, and ended with the final evacuation on the 20 December 1915.

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    Emily Carroll

  • East India House - the Amsterdam headquarters of the VOC, 17th century.

    11 Nov 2016

    The VOC Story

    East India House - the Amsterdam headquarters of the VOC, 17th century. Public Domain 

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    Western Australian Museum

  • A hand written postcard from world war one

    18 Apr 2013

    One Hundred Postcards from the front line

    An extraordinary collection of postcards sent to a Boulder woman from men serving on the front line of World War One will go on display at the Western Australian Museum – Perth from April 22, to commemorate ANZAC Day.

    WA Museum history curator Stephen Anstey said six soldiers serving in the Australian Imperial Force (AIF) during WWI sent more than one hundred postcards to home-nurse Eliza ‘Lida’ Jane Downey while training or on active duty overseas.

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    Niki Comparti

  • Western Australian Museum curator Stephen Anstey with the sabre used by Henry Dyson Naylor in 1854

    17 Aug 2012

    Into the valley of death rode… Henry Dyson Naylor

    Stephen Anstey, Curator, History Presented as part of the In the Wild West Lecture Series in 2012.

    English language captions are available for the video, please click on "CC" button to turn on this feature.

    A chance inquiry about an old cavalry sabre leads Museum historians on a detective trail to piece together the story of its owner and uncover a Western Australian’s chilling first hand account of the Crimean War’s Charge of the Light Brigade.

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    Danny Murphy

  • Sally May in the Museum theatre, standing behind a lectern with an image of the Australia II projected behind her.

    4 Nov 2011

    Setting sail for the Olympics

    Sally May, Curator of Maritime History

    In the lead up to the ISAF World Championships in 2011, an event used to select Olympic sailors for the 2012 Games in London, learn about WA’s yachting and sailing history. Including WA’s role in the America’s Cup and the technological innovations that have aided generations of competitive and weekend sailors.

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    Danny Murphy