Titlesort icon Arrival Year Ship Name Story Panel #
DAWE Family 1966 Castel Felice

Family - Father Michael George, mother Sheila Edith, sons Christoper George & Richard Michael, daughters Jennifer Avis & Sarah Anne.

DAWE, Bertie & Phyllis 1926 Borda

After leaving London, England, Bertie and Phyllis Dawe arrived in Fremantle to join the Group Settlements in Western Australia. Thereafter to...

DAWES Family 1967 Australis 301
DAWKINS, Barrie & Roger 1949 Asturias 215
DAWKINS, Rose & Patricia 1949 Asturias

We came to Australia to start a new life because my father was killed in the war. His grave is in Marseille France. I was 8.

DAWS, AWC & JM 1965 Fairsky

Day we arrived it was hot, 106 . All 9 of us and our worldly possessions squeezed into 2 cars driven by our relatives, to Bunbury. Billeted out to...

DAWSON Family 1884 Natal

James Dawson and his wife Ellen together with their children Agnes, Eleanor and Francis arrived in Fremantle on the Natal in 1884. Another child...

DAWSON Family 1972 Eastern Queen

We arrived here as a family of five and expanded to 15 including 9 grandchildren. Our Mother has since passed away.

DAWSON Family 1969 Achille Lauro 433
DAWSON, Christina E 1923 Themistocles

Daughter of David and Christina, sister or Arthur born 15/3/1921. Group Settlers (Group 148) Smith Brook. Group Settlers (Group 99) Northcliffe....

DAWSON, Elijah & Anne 1830 Warrior

Elijah was a veteran of the Battle of Waterloo. Accompanied Molloy to Augusta in 1830. Moved to Vasse with Bussell in 1834. Appointed Constable of...

DAWSON, FE, EK & BF 1953 New Australia

The family was Fred, his wife Kate and their son Brian. Kate still lives independantly. Brian is now aged 64. He is married to Norma Payne, whose...

DAWSON, Henry & Maria 1925 Sophocles

7 yrs Group Settlement. Cleared 100 acres with axe & horses. Canning Dam construction. Harvey Irrigation Channels. Instigated first strike in...

DAWSON, James Gavin 1959 Orontes

Peter & Marie Dawson came out to Australia to provide a better life for their five kids, Michael, Jennifer, Gavin, Janet & Robert.

DAWSON, Joan & Alan 1973 Australis

We lived in Jersey, Channel Islands prior emigration and both enjoyed boating and travel.

DAWSON, John 1830 Egyptian 485
DAWSON, Leonard & Phyllis 1957 Castel Felice

Came to Australia for a better life for their daughters. Both worked at Parkerville Childrens home and Home of Peace, Subiaco. Daughters Irene and...

DAWSON, Terry & Anke 1971 Australis

From 1965-1969 Terry travelled all over Australia. On returning to England, met Anke. Anke had lived in France and Lebanon for 6 years and...

DAWSON, William & Eliza 1876 Robert Morrison

William & Eliza arrived with seven of their eight daughters, Eliza, Louisa, Amelia, Caroline, Esther, Eleanor & Rosa. Their other daughter...

DAY, Beverley Dawn 1970 Achille Lauro 182
DAY, Deborah Caron 1970 Achille Lauro 182
DAY, Denys 1963 Castel Felice 182
DAY, George & Elsie & Family 1926 Largs Bay

George and Elsie Day [aged 40 and 41 years] arrived with their six children : Ivy 20, Ruby 18, Donald 16, Norman 12, Sybil 8, and Robert [Tony]...

DAY, Jim & Hetty 1970 Fairstar

Jim (James) & Hetty came to Western Australia from a small English village in Lincolnshire, where they had lived all their married life, to...

DAY, John 1911 Ormuz

First job land clearing at Jibberding Station in 1911. Selected bushland. Hand cleared land known as Daysdale and later had first registered...

DAY, Lowell, Berene & Tim 1963 Oriana 119
DAY, Pollie 1969 Arcadia

Born 26 August 1893, 3rd child of Edward & Mary Ann Vought. Married 25 January 1917 Cawston Norfolk Alfred Edward DAY of Cambridge. One...

DAY, Rona 1963 Castel Felice 182
DAY, Thomas H 1895 Unknown

Thomas Henry Day - established a bakery in Holdsworth Street, Fremantle and tearoom and catering business in High Street. After retiring from the...

DAY, Walter W 1912 Gothic 260
DAYER, Michael W 1963 Fairsky 468
DE ABREU, Antonio 1966 Angelina Lauro 27
DE AGOSTINI Family 1966 Achille Lauro 335
DE ANGELIS, Galileo 1961 Australia

Settled in Collie, worked for Lyle's Mill, the Railways and then Muja Power station where he retired. Has been secretary of Energy West Social...

DE BARI, Angelo 1961 Roma

Migrated for family better future.

DE BERNALES, Claude 1897 Unknown

Champion of gold mining industry, becoming prominent figure in W.A. in 1920's and 1930's.

DE BIASI, Dario 1952 Castel Bianco

Travelled to Australia with brother Natale. Dario travelled Western Australia setting up businesses such as cafés in Kalgoorlie & Geraldton....

DE BIASIO, Linda 1939 Viminale 264
DE BOER Hendrik & Martje 1954 Johan van Oldenbarnevelt

Hendrik and Martje were married on 1/4/1939. They had 6 children in Holland and 1 in Australia. Lived happily in various homes together for 62...

DE BOER, Ida 1955 Sibajak

Came out with parents and three other sisters. All the family is still settled in Western Australia- now over 70 family members (including inlaws...

DE BOER, Jacobus 1952 Waterman 146
DE BOER, Jan & Geertje 1953 Sibajak 224
DE BOER, Wietze & Johanna 1953 Johan Van Oldenbarnevelt

Wietze and Johanna married in Diemen in 1943. Wietze went to Indonesia in 1947. Johanna followed in 1948 with daughters Helene and Gerda. Son...

DE BONI, Clino 1949 Ugolino Vivaldi

Clino joined his uncle Pio De Boni in Carnarvon who was an original pioneer of banana plantations in Carnarvon. Clino later worked on the railways...

DE BONI, Davide 1953 Oceania

Came out in March 1953, went back to my hometown of Samolaco (So) Italy in 1964 where I met and married my wife Maria Ilde Ciocca in 1965 and...

DE BONI, Ester & Pia Maria 1935 Esquilino 439
DE BONI, Giovanni 1926 Citta di Genova

Giovanni worked for many years as a station-hand in the north on Minnylia Station. After he settled in Carnarvon and grew bananas on land near the...

DE BONI, Maria Ilde Ciocca 1965 Guglielmo Marconi

Got married in February 1965. Left Italy 01/03/1965. Came to Fremantle WA on the G. Marconi with my husband Davide De Boni and settled in the...

DE BONI, Ubaldo (Bert) 1948 Toscana

Lived and worked with Uncle John De Boni in a timer yard/veggie garden in Spearwood. Later purchased own trucks and limestone quarry. Bert spent...

DE BONO, N & A & Family 1958 Flaminia

Natalino and Antonia continued their journey with Josephine and Maria Assunta. They arrived at Station Pier in Melbourne on 3/11/1958. The family...