Titlesort icon Arrival Year Ship Name Story Panel #
BARONE, Michelina & Family 1939 Romolo

Left behind married daughter Anna (Pracilio). Travelled with daughters Lucia (18 years) and Consiglia (13 years) to be reunited with her husband...

BARONE, Nunziato 1954 Australia

Migrated to Australia with mother (Elena) and older brother Domenic, to rejoin my father Salvatore who migrated in 1952. Family settled in Osborne...

BARONE, Salvatore 1923 Orsova

Salvatore was the first Barone to settle in WA. He was only 21 years old and a pioneer. In the old country he was a merchant seaman. Here he had...

BARONE, Teresa 1962 Oceania 55
BARONE, Teresa (nee Di Nallo) 1957 Australia 87
BARR, Ken 1965 Australis

Migrated with Joe Slater originally to go to Melbourne. Met and got engaged to Dianne Parry. Married in Kensington in 1966. Settled in South Perth...

BARRANCA, Antonio 1966 Guglielmo Marconi 160
BARRAS, Alan & Doreen 1963 Castel Felice

In Australia they fostered two boys, Raymond Stanley Clinch and John Maxwell Fraser. Also sponsored a nephew, Stanley Baxter to migrate from...

BARRATT, Arthur, Sylvia & Family 1961 Strathnaver

Father - Arthur Ferguson, Mother - Sylvia Pauline, 1st Child - Allan Vivian, 2nd Child - Carol Anne, 3rd Child - Robert Harold, 4th Child -...

BARRATT, Enoch P 1852 William Jardine

Enoch had been convicted of stealing & was sentenced to 10 years transportation. Following Ticket of Leave 1853 became Head of Public Park...

BARREA, Giovanna Maria 1956 Sydney

Giovanna Barrea arrived in Fremantle with her family. A fine seamstress acquiring her talent from her father Emerico, a gentlemen's tailor....

BARRETT, F George & Agnes 1911 Opawa

F. George, Agnes & children - Reginald, Bernard, Horace, Norman, Vera & Eric - came from Wallington, Surrey, UK. After an interrupted...

BARRETT, Hilda & Don 1946 Largs Bay

Wife & Son of Donald Kitchener Barrett, an Australian serving with the Royal Marines in UK. Captured on Crete then repatriated to Australia at...

BARRETT, John Herbert 1920 Ormonde

John married teacher Catherine Eakins of Tardun in 1929. Eventually settled in Rosabrook as a diary farmer, served as Corporal in Army in the...

BARRETT, Kenneth & Ann 1968 Fairsea

Ken, Nancy, Catherine & Sean settled happily in WA. Our 3rd child Colleen was born in 1969. We have always lived on the coastal strip from...

BARRETT, KS, JJ & Family 1967 Achille Lauro

The Achille Lauro missed it's berthing at Fremantle Port, as it collected an ill sailor from another ship and brought him to Fremantle. This delay...

BARRETT, Lennard, Edward P 1829 Marquis of Anglesea

Edward Pomeroy Barrett-Lennard brought from England six labourers, farm animals and building materials. He was allotted 2906 acres on Upper Swan...

BARRETT, Richard 1949 Mooltan

Travelled to Australia with fiancee, Mary Meaney who came to Australia for a warmer climate due to her ill health in England and Ireland

BARRETT, Tom & Charlotte 1951 Chitral 100
BARRETT, William 1950 Unknown

Came to Australia for a new life as his family had passed away from TB. Fresh dry climate. Wanted to be a drover. First worked tree felling, then...

BARRETT, William & Ada 1911 Goeben 267
BARRIE, Archibald & Bessie 1949 Dorsetshire

Children Anthony Robert (16/04/1940 - 09/10/1995) Alan Alexander (10/10/1941) John Andrew (28/08/1944) Elizabeth Ann (09/061946)

BARRITT, Lucy & Arthur 1928 Osterley

Arthur arrived with his mother Lucy. He married Phyllis Noble (Barrabool 1923). He moved to Carmel in 1945 to work the orchard jointly owned with...

BARRON, Charles 1921 Orsova 365
BARRON, Charles 1923 Ballarat 365
BARRON, Edward & Jane 1829 Sulphur

Edward Barron was Colour Sergant of the 63rd regiment. He, his wife Jane and three children arrived on the "Sulphur". Another boy, born in the new...

BARRON, Frances 1951 Mooltan 427
BARRON, Grace 1923 Ballarat 365
BARRON, Margaret 1923 Ballarat 365
BARRON, Mary 1923 Ballarat 365
BARRON, Michael 1949 Cameronia

Met Nellie Caulfied at Fremantle 3 months later when visiting Cameronia on her next voyage. Married 1953.

BARRON, Rose 1923 Ballarat 365
BARRON, Rose (née GAINER) 1923 Ballarat 365
BARROW, Cecil & Joan 1952 Maloja

Cec, Joan and Judy moved to Melbourne in the early 60s. Shortly after his wife's death Cec retired, remarried & moved to Coffs Harbour, NSW,...

BARROW, Douglas & Margaret 1962 Orion

Douglas met Margaret (Peggy) nee Williams, when demobbed from RN 1946. Both born in Birkenhead, married 1951. Doug served in coastal forces aboard...

BARRY, Liam 1970 Ellinis

Found work within a week and spent two years in the North West, married in 1973 and we had four children. Also spent time in Army Reserve. Did...

BARRY, Marjorie & Carolynn 1946 Stirling Castle

Wife and daughter of RAAF Officer, who served as Bomber Command 1943/45.

BARRY, Pete, Irene, Sue, Lin 1974 Patris

Susan & Linda

BARRY, T, B & L 1959 Fairsky

Thomas & Beatrice Barry, along with their daughter Lynn (dob 08/08/1952), travelled to Australia. After staying at the Graylands Hostel, they...

BARRY, Tim & Penny, M & P 1973 Britanis 416
BARTELS Family 1970 Australasia

Arrived with sons Maurice, Ernest, Glenn & Dale Bartels.

BARTELS H & M & A, M, H & C 1958 Waterman

A decision was made to sell all his worldly goods and travel by ship to Australia with the expectations of a better lifestyle and greater job...

BARTER, SM & WE (Jim) 1957 Orcades

Worked at Civic Hotel (1yr), Lake Karrinyup Golf Course (6yrs), started Rose Hill Country Club (20yrs). Moved to 11 acre property 1984. Two sons,...

BARTH, Clive 1969 Himalaya

Joined father after one year.

BARTHOLOMEUSZ, Joan L 1949 Orcades

Mum was widowed in 1948.She came from a wealthy family, but came here with $200 and 3 children of school age. It was a very brave move and gave...

BARTHOLOMEW, Fred & Edith 1955 Orcades

Fred served in Vietnam in 1969-1970. Married and had 4 children. Edith served as Nurse and later married and had 4 children.

BARTHOLOMEW, Ray & Martha 1955 Orcades

Worked at Katanning then Perth Gas Works and then Australia Post.

BARTLE, James 1951 Asturias

Lived and worked in Fremantle

BARTLETT, Andrew 1966 Australis

Arrived as 14 year old with his parents as “10 Pound Tourists” for a new life.

BARTLETT, John & Audrey 1952 Cameronia 132