Western Australian Insect Study Society


The Western Australian Insect Study Society provides a medium for interchange between people interested in insects. Its aim is to promote the study of insects, particularly those native to Western Australia, for personal enjoyment and the advancement of knowledge.

Most interests are catered for, including observing, photography and conservation.

The Society is managed by a Committee of seven members elected at an annual general meeting.

Who is it for?

Anyone may join, regardless of age or level of knowledge and children will be especially welcomed (youngsters should be accompanied by an adult at meetings or excursions). The membership includes both professional and amateur entomologists, but the Society caters particularly for amateur interests.


General meetings are held on the second Wednesday of every second month (February, April, etc.), commencing at 7.30 pm and lasting for approximately two hours.

The venue for the meetings is at the King’s Park Administration Centre (turnoff is about mid-way along Fraser Ave, King’s Park), West Perth.

Usually there is a main speaker followed by some short presentations, special exhibits, news and announcements and, finally, a chance to chat with fellow members.

Field trips and special functions are arranged from time to time.