A Nyoongar Wordlist: from the South-West of Western Australia

A Nyoongar Wordlist: from the South-West of Western Australia

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Author(s) Peter Bindon and Ross Chadwick
2011 (2nd edition)
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Nyoongar Wordlist brings together in a single volume several separately published word lists for South-West Australian Aboriginal languages and dialects. Commonly these are now known collectively as ‘Nyoongar’, which, except for some individual words and short phrases still used in daily conversation, is largely unused. However true this may be for the whole language, there remain several hundred Nyoongar words which are preserved as place names throughout the South-West. As development advances and map revision and editing proceed, it is likely that more Nyoongar words will be used as place names and will be added to various maps of the region.

Readers will also find clues to the meaning of geographical and place names throughout WA’s South-West. It is hoped that this publication will encourage a greater interest in Aboriginal languages, and that Aboriginal people will find it a useful resource.

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