Pauropods (Myriapoda: Pauropoda) from Western Australia, with descriptions of a new family, a new genus and three new species

WA Museum Records and Supplements | Updated 2 years ago

ABSTRACT – A collection of Pauropoda from Western Australia has been studied. Among seven identifi able specimens, four species in three genera have been identified. Three new species are described from the order Tetramerocerata, Stylopauropoides wungongensis sp. nov., S. saxicola sp. nov. and Antichtopauropus brevitarsus gen. nov., sp. nov., the latter also forming a new family in the order Tetramerocerata, Antichtopauropodidae. Decapauropus tenuis Remy is recorded from Western Australia for the first time.

KEYWORDS: taxonomy, Tetramerocerata, Pauropodidae, Antichtopauropodidae, soil fauna, biogeography.

Author(s) U. Scheller
Records 26 : Part 1
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