Osteology of the first dorsal fin in two terapontid fishes, Leiopotherapon unicolor (Günther, 1859) and Amniataba caudavittata (Richardson, 1845), from Western Australia: evidence for hybridisation?

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ABSTRACT – Osteological characters, such as number of supraneural bones anterior to first neural spine, number of spines on first dorsal pterygiophore, position of insertion of first proximal dorsal pterygiophore and number of anterior proximal dorsal pterygiophores inserting between successive neural spines, in conjunction with morphological characters, were used to provide evidence of natural hybridisation between two species of the Terapontidae: the freshwater Leiopotherapon unicolor and the marine/estuarine Amniataba caudavittata.

Author(s) David L. Morgan and Howard S. Gill
Records 23 : Part 2
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