A new genus and species of stygobitic paramelitid amphipod from the Pilbara, Western Australia

WA Museum Records and Supplements | Updated 4 years ago

ABSTRACT – The Pilbara region of Western Australia contains a diverse and endemic ground water fauna dominated by crustaceans, with amphipods being a conspicuous component of many communities. Previous morphological and molecular research has demonstrated the need for revision of the current amphipod taxonomy. Specifically, examples of cryptic speciation and of morphological variation within single species suggest that a combined approach is needed to address the taxonomic gap. In this paper we use molecular and morphological evidence to show the distinctiveness of a new genus and species of stygobitic amphipod, Kruptlls linnaei, known from Spearhole Creek in the Pilbara.

Author(s) Terrie L. Finston, Michael S. Johnson and Brenton Knott
Records 24 : Part 4
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