Late Devonian and Carboniferous vertebrates from the Shishtu and Sardar formations of the Shotori Range, Iran

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Abstract - Frasnian to early Famennian microvertebrates from the Shishtu Formation of the Shotori Range, eastern Iran, include thelodont scales of Australolepis seddoni, phoebodont, protacrodont, and possible stethacanth, symmoriid, cladoselachian and ctenacanth shark teeth and scales. Also present are palaeoniscoid actinopterygian and sarcopterygian microremains including scales, as well as lepidotrichia and teeth of possible onychodontids and osteolepiforms. Orodontid shark teeth are reported for the first time from the anchoralis-latus Conodont Zone (Early Carboniferous) of Iran.

Author(s) Mehdi Yazdi and Susan Turner : Part 1
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