Corrections of the type specimens of Liasis olivaceus barroni Smith, 1981 (Serpentes: Pythonidae)

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INTRODUCTION – In the description of Liasis olivaceus barroni Smith, 1981, the author incorrectly listed the registration numbers for the holotype and one paratype specimen. These errors inadvertently designated two other species, Ctenophorus caudicinctus macropus (holotype) and Underwoodisaurus milii (paratype) as type specimens, technically resulting in the placement of L. o. barroni into synonymy with C. caudicinctus macropus. Here the correct holotype and paratype specimens for L. olivaceus barroni are identified and the erroneous registration numbers and associated specimen data corrected.

Author(s) Ryan J. Ellis
Records 30 : Part 1
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