Remembering Them Project Group

Remembering Them is a project run collaboratively between the Royal Western Australian Historical Society, Museums Australia WA Branch and the Western Australian Museum. 

Museums Australia WA Branch

Museums Australia is the national organisation for the museums sector, committed to the conservation, continuation and communication of Australia's heritage.

As a non-government, non-profit body, Museums Australia promotes museum sector development, articulates ethical standards, facilitates training, advances knowledge, addresses issues, and raises public awareness through its national and international networks.

As a group participant, Museums Australia WA Branch will be providing administrative support and financial management for the project.  MAWA will also be working with partners in promoting the continuation and communication of Australia’s heritage.

Royal Western Australian Historical Society

The Royal Western Australian Historical Society’s mission is to:

  • foster interest in and enjoyment of Western Australian history
  • foster and promote research, writing and publication about all aspects of Western Australian history
  • recognise outstanding achievement in Western Australian historical research, education and publication
  • be recognised as a leader in the promotion of the history of Western Australia
  • cooperate with all others in the field in the study and promotion of the history of Western Australia
  • be a recognised resource for Western Australian history to complement State collections
  • be recognised as an advocate in the conservation and promotion of the State’s cultural heritage
  • encourage and support local affiliated societies throughout the State.

As a group participant, the RWAHS will be working with regional partners to provide research assistance and encourage research within local communities.

Western Australian Museum

The WA Museum's mission is to inspire people to explore and share their identity, culture, environment and sense of place, and to experience and contribute to the diversity and creativity of our world.

As a group participant, the WA Museum will be working with regional partners to encourage and support the development of exhibitions relating to the social impact of the First World War on their community.

Project Group Members

  • Clare-Frances Craig – WA Museum
  • Sally Anne Hasluck – RWAHS
  • Naomi Lam – WA Museum
  • Lenore Layman - RWAHS
  • Lennie McCall – RWAHS
  • Robert Mitchell – MAWA
  • Jessica Needle – WA Museum