Dr Kym Abrams

Research Associate

Terrestrial Zoology

B. Sc. (Hons), Ph. D.

"Dr Kym Abrams holding a jar with a specimen." kym.abrams@museum.wa.gov.au


  • Systematics of subterranean invertebrates, particularly arachnids and crustaceans, including their phylogenetic history and evolutionary relationships.
  • Taxonomy of arachnids, especially the documentation and description of new species.


  • Researches the taxonomy and systematics of schizomids through the collections.
  • Undertakes identifications of arachnids and accessions this material into the collections.
  • Utilises collections to advise on Short Range Endemic (SRE) status of terrestrial invertebrates.

Services (to other bodies):

  • Webmaster and councillor for Society of Australian Systematic Biologists.


Selected Publications

Harvey, M.S., Abrams, K.M., Beavis, A.S., Hillyer, M.J. and Huey, J.A. (2016). Pseudoscorpions of the family Feaellidae (Pseudoscorpiones: Feaelloidea) from the Pilbara region of Western Australia show extreme short-range endemism. Invertebrate Systematics 30: 491–508.

Harvey, M.S., Abrams, K.M. and Burger, M.A.A. (2015). A new species of the pseudoscorpion genus Synsphyronus (Pseudoscorpiones: Garypidae) from Barrow Island, Western Australia. Records of the Western Australian Museum 30: 137–143.

Abrams, K.M. and Harvey, M.S. (2015). A new troglobitic schizomid (Hubbardiidae: Paradraculoides) from the Pilbara region, Western Australia. Records of the Western Australian Museum 30: 132–136.

Abrams, K.M., King, R.A., Guzik, M.T. and Austin, A.D. (2013) Molecular phylogenetic, morphological and biogeographic evidence for a new genus of parabathynellid crustaceans (Syncarida: Bathynellacea) from groundwater in an ancient southern Australian landscape. Invertebrate Systematics 27, 146–172.

Abrams, K.M., Guzik, M.T., Cooper, S.J.B., Humphreys, W.F., King, R.A., Cho, J.L & Austin, A.D. (2012). What lies beneath: Molecular phylogenetics and ancestral state reconstruction of the ancient subterranean Australian Parabathynellidae (Syncarida, Crustacea). Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution 64: 130-144.

Cook, B.D., Abrams, K.M., Marshall, J., Perna, C.N., Choy, S., Guzik, M.T. & Cooper, S.J.B. (2012). Species diversity and genetic differentiation of stygofauna (Syncarida: Bathynellacea) across an alluvial aquifer in north-eastern Australia. Australian Journal of Zoology60, 152–158.

Guzik, M.T., Abrams, K.M., Cooper, S.J.B., W.F. Humphreys, J-L. Cho and Austin, A.D. (2008). Phylogeography of the ancient Parabathynellidae (Crustacea: Bathynellacea) from the Yilgarn region of Western Australia. Invertebrate Systematics 22: 205-216.