Mikael U. Siversson

Head of Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences

Earth and Planetary Sciences

PhD (1993) in Geology at Lund University, Sweden.

A person doing fieldwork holding an object


+61 (8) 9212 3755 mikael.siversson@museum.wa.gov.au


  • Cretaceous and Cenozoic elasmobranchs (sharks and rays) from Australia, North America and Europe but with focus on Australian mid-Cretaceous and Miocene faunas.
  • Cretaceous dinosaurs and marine reptiles from Australia and northern Europe.


  • Manages the palaeontology collection, which comprises approximately 1,500,000 specimens of vertebrate and invertebrate body fossils, plant fossils, microbialites and trace fossils.
  • High quality and scientifically significant fossil specimens are added to the Museum’s palaeontology collection through fieldwork, donations and collaborations with other institutions.

Services (to other bodies):

  • Provides advice and species identifications of fossil specimens to government.


Exhibitions and Public Programs

  • Delivers public talks on vertebrate fossils from Western Australia.
  • Developed the Dinosaur Discovery exhibit (2014, 2017) which is the most successful exhibit in the history of the WA Museum with more than 170,000 visitors in 2014 in Perth.

Selected Publications


Berrell, R.W., Boisvert, C., Trinajstic, K., Siversson, M., Alvarado-Ortega, J., Cavin, L., Salisbury, S.W. and Kemp, A. (2020). A review of Australia’s Mesozoic fishes. Alcheringa 44: 286-311.

Siversson, M., Cook, T.D., Ryan, H.E., Watkins, D.K., Tatarnic, N.J., Downes, P.J. and Newbrey, M.G. (2019). Anacoracid sharks and calcareous nannofossil stratigraphy of the mid-Cretaceous ‘upper’ Gearle Siltstone and Haycock Marl in the lower Murchison River area, Western Australia. Alcheringa 43: 85-113.

Guinot, G., Adnet, S., Shimada, K., Underwood, C.J., Siversson, M., Ward, D.J., Kriwet, J. and Cappetta, H. (2018). On the need of providing tooth morphology in descriptions of extant elasmobranch species. Zootaxa 4461: 118-126.

McLoughlin, S., Haig, D.W., Siversson, M. and Einarsson, E. (2018). Did mangrove communities exist in the Late Cretaceous of the Kristianstad Basin, Sweden. Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology 498: 99-114.

Kear, B.P., Fordyce, R.E., Hiller, N. and Siversson, M. (2018). A palaeobiogeographical synthesis of Australasian Mesozoic marine reptiles. Alcheringa 42: 461-486.

Siversson, M. and Machalski, M. (2017). Late late Albian (Early Cretaceous) shark teeth from Annopol, Poland. Alcheringa 41: 433-463.

Siversson, M., Cook, T.D., Cederström, P. and Ryan, H.E. (2016). Early Campanian (Late Cretaceous) squatiniform and synechodontiform selachians from the Åsen locality, Kristianstad Basin, Sweden. In: Kear, B. P., Lindgren, J., Hurum, J. H., Milàn, J. and Vajda, V. (eds), Mesozoic Biotas of Scandinavia and its Arctic Territories. pp 251-275. Geological Society: London.

Sachs, S., Lindgren, J. and Siversson, M. (2016). A partial plesiosaurian braincase from the Upper Cretaceous of Sweden. In: Kear, B. P., Lindgren, J., Hurum, J. H., Milàn, J. and Vajda, V. (eds), Mesozoic Biotas of Scandinavia and its Arctic Territories. pp 293-301. Geological Society: London.

Selected publications (pre-2016)

Siversson, M., Lindgren, J., Newbrey, M.G., Cederström, P. and Cook, T.D. (2015). Cenomanian-Campanian (Late Cretaceous) mid-palaeolatitude sharks of Cretalamna appendiculata type. Acta Palaeontologica Polonica 60: 339-384.

Lindgren, J., Currie, P.J., Siversson, M., Rees, J., Cederström, P. and Lindgren, F. (2007). The first neoceratopsian dinosaur remains from Europe. Palaeontology 50: 929-937.

Siversson, M., Lindgren, J. and Kelley, L.S. (2007). Anacoracid sharks from the Albian (Lower Cretaceous) of Texas. Palaeontology 50: 939-950.

Siversson, M. (1999). A new large lamniform shark from the uppermost Gearle Siltstone (Cenomanian, Late Cretaceous) of Western Australia. Transactions of the Royal Society of Edinburgh: Earth Sciences 90: 49-66.

Siversson, M. (1996). Lamniform sharks of the mid Cretaceous Alinga Formation and Beedagong Claystone, Western Australia. Palaeontology 39: 813-849.

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