Dwyer and Mackay

composite pictures detailing Missionary Life and Work on the Trans-Australian Railway, photos of JW Budge, method of travelling, erection of first church, the church and interior, construction of church, "result of a gale", tent, First Aid, and interior of first school.

Collection Item Data

Medium Format: 16.5x21.6 cm. / 6.5x8.5 inch
Medium: Unknown B&W
Keywords: compositepicturesdetailingmissionarylifeworktransaustralianrailwayphotosjwbudgemethodtravellingerectionchurchinteriorconstructionresultgaletentaidschool
Accession Number: GMM2236-564
Registration Number: GM02236
Location: Kalgoorlie
State: WA W
Creator:  J.J. Dwyer
Original Legal Broker: Museum of the Goldfields - MOG; Golden Mile Museum
Cataloguer:  GM - Margery Goodall?
Year Taken: 1918

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