[1] Small, rectangular, light green with black illustration and text, hard, fabric cover, ‘KARI/ DER/ ELEFANT’, children’s book (in German). Front cover shows jungle scene, with three palm trees in foreground, with low grasses and plants, with an elephant slightly left of centre, trunk and right foreleg raised. Background shows lagoon, with two palm trees of the far bank. ‘MUKERDSCHI/ */ KARI/ DER/ ELEFANT’ in capital block print on rectangular black background, with shaded border. Lower left corner of cover, under illustration reads ‘B O H N’. Spine reflects jungle scene, with plant life illustrated up spine. Black rectangle with ‘MUKER-/DSCHI/*/ KARI/ DER/ ELE-/FANT’ in capital, block print, ‘*’ in spine text coloured yellow. Plain back cover. Inside cover has child-like, pencil, handwritten name ‘C. Freuden-/ berg’. Opposite inside cover page has child-like, black ink, handwritten details ‘Shirley Freeden/ 419 Rokeby Rd./ Subiaco’. Purple ink stamp across top right of page; ‘Rudi Freudenberg’, aggressively crossed out in black ink. Green cover discoloured through age, corners slightly bent and rough. Small spots of rust staining evident over cover. Pages yellowed and slightly stained on edges, pages mostly clean, with slight ageing.
[2] Small, rectangular, paper pamphlet, in German, from inside ‘KARI/DER/ ELEFANT’ children’s book. Promotional pamphlet for publisher, appears to be advertising upcoming/ published books. Author’s name and book title are followed by a small excerpt/ blurb. Four pages of text, across single sheet of folded paper.


History Department


Stanwix Collection

History Collection

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Accession Number: H2008.214.1-2
Accession Date: 29 Nov 2013
Acquisition Year: 2008



Paper, cloth hard cover

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