Plywood box, covered with green textile, with hinged lid and front, containing twenty smaller boxes with similar green covering and hinged lids. The main box (.21) has a typed alphabetical listing of the contents of the smaller boxes adhesive-taped to the inside. The contents of each smaller box (pamphlets) is also listed in the individual boxes, again taped to their lids (or formerly so).
Each small box contains pamphlets from a range of manufacturing firms, many stamped in purple ink with the words 'SANDOVER'S NEWCASTLE STREET BRANCH' or 'DISTRIBUTED BY SANDOVER'S.
Occasional samples such as vinyl and insulation are included.
Contents of travelling salesperson's box:
1. BUILDERS' HARDWARE DEPARTMENT - castors, curtain track fittings, door checks, door seals, doors-garage, ladders-aluminium, locks, louvers, mail boxes, masonry anchors, Sisalkraft, sliding door tracks, tubular steel legs.
2. PLUMBERS' SUPPLIES - blow lamps, roof ventilators, valves, water softeners.
3. PAINT DEPARTMENT - colour cards (see also box 4).
4. PAINT DEPARTMENT - colour schemes, floor seals, Hornex expansion joint compound, Pro Seal compound, Penetrant (Cheecol), roof paint (anti-corrosive), rust protection (Galvafroid), Selley - waterproofing compound, calking compound and glues.
5. HOME APPLIANCES DEPARTMENT - car radios, polishers, radiograms, tadios, recording tape, television sets, washing machines, vacuum cleaners, refrigerators.
6. SANITARY WARE - bathroom fittings and equipment, cicterns etc, Fyrside heaters, grates, hot water system, Malleys products - heaters kero and electria, solar heaters, stoves, Wonderheat/ DEPT 9 - bar equipment, food mixers, glass terilizer, hospital equipment, slicers.
7. FLOORCOVERING DEPARTMENT - awnings-aluminium and canvas, camp stretchers, canvas, carpets, floor tiles, Hills hoists, linoleum, Tred-safe, venetian blinds, vinyl fabrics, wood blinds and venetians.
8. AGRICULTURAL MACHINERY - compression fittings, drainers (pumps), irrigation pipes, milkers - electric, pumps, separators, sheep showers, sheep dip, windmills, wool press, Wright power saws.
9. TOOL DEPARTMENT - axes, bolt cutters, chisels, chain pipe wrenches, glass cutters, garden tools, hack saw frames, ladles, anil pullers, pipe cutter, pliers, post hole diggers, power tools, punches, rules, ratchet brace, screw drivers, saws, sliding bevels, set squares, screw pitch gauges, screw extractors, stocks and dies, spanners, twist drills, trowels.
10. HEAVY GOODS DEPARTMENT - Australian wire rope, Colterro - brick fabric, Lysaght - cold formed sections, Metalath and accessories, V-crimpt [sic] zincanneal steel sheet, Lightburn cement mixers, marelime, Mono rail transporter, weight batching, winches.
11. ENGINEERS' SUPPLIES - fire fighting equipment.
12. ENGINEERS' SUPPLIES - danger lamps, Goodyear products, honing machines, milling machines, peeling machines, pneumatic clamps, spray guns, woodworking machines.
13. ENGINEERS' SUPPLIES - air compression units, band saws, bench saws, dexion construction system, electric tools, gas appliances, grinders, hacksaws, jointer, jointing paste, power transmission equipment, oiler, pulleys, shelving, sieves, tapping drills.
14. ELECTRICAL DEPARTMENT - electrical appliances, fans, fluorescent lighting, lighting and fittings, radiators.
17. ENGINEERING DEPARTMENT - air compressors, alternators, compressor sets, generators, motors, Pionjar rock drillers, meter test sets, transformers.
18. ENGINEERING DEPARTMENT - diesels - air and water cooled, excavators, industrial fans, industrial trucks, Pul-lift, Ruston Products (box empty).
19. ENGINEERING - fans-industrial, filters (Vokes), oil cleaners, air cleaners for diesel locomotives, industrial trucks and Pul lift.


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Accession Number: H1998.2
Accession Date: 6 Jan 1998
Credit: Collection of the Western Australian Museum


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Cardboard/Paper0 - Whole
Paper0 - Whole
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Synthetic/Polymer0 - Whole
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