The New Museum will have eight new exhibitions to visit when we open in November 2020, shaped by three major themes;

    Being Western Australian: celebrating the diversity of our people
    Discovering Western Australia: a gateway to our incredible State
    Exploring the World: WA and its place in the world

You'll also be able to engage with the collections and find out more about the behind the scenes work of the WA Museum through fantastic lifelong learning programs and events for all ages.

The new eight exhibitions are:

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Ngalang Koort Boodja Wirn

Our heart, Country, spirit

Celebrate the diversity of Western Australia’s Aboriginal culture and spirituality. Journey with us through our stories, our history and our resilience. This is our heart, our Country, our spirit.

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Wild Life

Discover Nature's Diversity

Western Australia is vast, ancient and incredibly diverse. The plants and animals that make their home in its deserts, forests, woodlands, wetlands, seas and cities help define this amazing place.

Meander through WA's wild havens. Encounter creatures from the distant past and discover the ever-evolving diversity of life here today.

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Tianqi Lithium Connections

Our place in the World

Western Australia’s connections to the world have shaped the State’s past and continue to drive its future.

Connections explores the ways that Western Australia is linked to the rest of the world.

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Land, Water, Sky

Since the Earth formed long ago, the land and waters that we now call Western Australia have been shaped under a vast and evolving southern sky.

Rich in minerals and layers of meaning, this ancient place holds clues to life’s origin and stories of people's enduring connection to Country.

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Transforming Landscapes

People have dramatically shaped and changed the Western Australian landscape. This creates complex webs of cultural, environmental, economic and social impacts.

Explore our values and actions, past and present, and consider how decisions we make today determine our future.

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Our People, Our Stories

Western Australian people are diverse, creative and resilient. Explore some of the many vibrant cultures, stories and the moments that have defined our State. Discover how Western Australians live, work and play.


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Creative Minds, Amazing Inventions

Explore and challenge the work and ideas of these Western Australians. Investigate their processes and methods and gain insight from their achievements. Reflect on how their inspirations got it all started and get inspired yourself. Allow your own creativity to flourish – be bold and try something new!

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Stan Perron WA Treasures

Highlights from the State’s Collections

Explore WA’s most significant objects, artworks and documents in the beautiful, heritage-listed Hackett Hall.