New Museum opening in 2020

The New Museum for Western Australia is one of the most significant museum redevelopments in the world today, and one of which all Western Australians should be incredibly proud.

Developed in the heart of the Perth Cultural Centre, it will share the stories of our people and place, acting as a gateway to explore all of Western Australia. It will reflect the extraordinary history, distinctiveness, creativity and diversity of our State and region.

Over the course of the project, and long after the doors have opened in 2020, the people of WA will be invited to contribute to the way we present the stories of our past, present and future. We will encourage dialogue, debate and the sharing of multiple perspectives to identify the stories and experiences that are important to our State.

We have an unprecedented opportunity to create a museum that is both reflective and worthy of WA. Our ambition is to be an excellent and vibrant Museum, valued and used by all Western Australians and admired by the world.

Inside the Museum

Western Australian Faces

Being Western Australian

Celebrating the diversity of our people

Western Australian shoreline

Discovering Western Australia

A gateway to our incredible State

Old map of the world

Exploring the World

WA and its place in the world

Buprestidae beeetles

Revealing the Museum

Behind the scenes of the WA Museum