Sculpture at Bathers

Mon 4 Nov 2019Mon 2 Mar 2020


WA Shipwrecks Museum

Sculpture at Bathers began in 2013 as a biennial exhibition to showcase the vibrancy of sculpture in Western Australia. 2020 will see over 90 artists exhibiting work at various outdoor sites throughout the bathers Beach Arts Precinct.

Our State has a rich history of artistic inventiveness evident today in the diversity of work produced by established and emerging sculptors. We are very pleased to be showcasing the work of selected scupltors on the grassed forcourt in front of the WA Shipwreck Museum.

The scupltures currently in situ are by Fremantle sculptor Tony Jones. They explore the symbolic language of the sea as seen in markers that are aids to navigation. Future sculptures are planned for the site in the lead up to and during the Sculpture at Bathers exhibition, which runs from 15 February until 2 March, 2020.

'Witness II' 2015
'Point Resolution' 2015
'Parker Point' 2012

Artist: Tony Jones

These three works explore the symbolic language of the sea as seen in markers that are
aids to navigation. They assured safe passage
often in perilous circumstances.

'Vessel' 2018

Artist: Tony Davis

A thallasic vessel/sarcophagus/seed pod, with
the promise of mysterious containment,
awaiting to embark on a continual journey and
germinate in our minds

'Untamed Spirit' 2010

Artist: Mel Maclou

A vessel holds something. Now broken, this vessel
may not hold cargo or passengers
anymore yet it still holds memories...
Referencing WA's rugged coastline, ocean, reef,
memories, nostalgia, feeling of freedom while
travelling on top of the water and in open space
My heart it has gone...
It rides with the sea,
But my body lies here...
Alone without thee...

MJ Levitt

'Land is in Sight' 2010

Artist: Maris Raudzins

After years languishing in European Displace
Persons camps, the chance immigration to a
new country becomes a reality. The solid steel
base is the country and traditions left behind.
The kinetic fibreglass rods are the expression of
freedom - Fremantle 1949.

Caption: Sculpture by Tony Jones

Credit: Sculpture at Bathers