Dinosaur Discovery Seminar Series

Thu 26 Oct 2017Wed 13 Dec 2017



"Dr Mikael Siversson with a range of Cretaceous fossils and objects."

So, you already know your Australovenator from your Therizinosaurus and you’re looking for something deeper?

Join our experts for a free seminar, which is sure to blow your mind and make you rethink the way you look at the prehistoric world.

These special events are held inside our Dinosaur Discovery: Lost Creatures of the Cretaceous exhibition.

Doors open at 6pm for a 6.30pm start. Guests are welcome to stay and explore the exhibition at the conclusion of the seminar.

Tickets are available for purchase by using the below links.

For more information call 1300 134 081

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Thursday 16 November

Characterising Ancient DNA from Fossil Bones

Presented by Professor Mike Bunce

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Wednesday 29 November

Sex, the Early Years and a 370 Million Year Old Fish from WA

Presented by Dr Kate Trinajstic

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Wednesday 13 December

Australia Megafauna: The Lives of Giant Mammals

Presented by Dr Natalie Warburton

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Caption: Dr Mikael Siversson with a range of Cretaceous fossils and objects.

Image copyright Western Australian Museum

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