Sat 3 Apr 2021Thu 22 Apr 2021


Museum of the Great Southern

It is timely to reflect on current issues concerning both human and environmental response to rapid change, and the exhibition will focus on the concept of 'refugium' as it applies to both the natural environment and human resilience and adaptation. The COVID pandemic has highlighted for us a sense of fragility and vulnerability within our own human biology/biome emphasizing just how easily and quickly the world of microbes can threaten our very existence.
In Refugium twenty artists will investigate themes related to our home in a biodiversity hotspot, including our recent refuge-like COVID experience.
The project revives MIX's partnership with nature restoration group Gondwana Link which was developed in 2005 – 2006 when MIX Artists presented the Hotspot Cultural Project. In this wide- ranging project, artists and communities in the Great Southern created innovative artistic responses to the treasures, issues, history and challenges of the environment. Fifteen years later, it is timely to re-visit this topic and to look at it anew, with the added context of the global pandemic. In re-connecting with Gondwana Link, MIX Artists are linking artists with scientists and the natural environment and exploring the nexus between environmental and human health.
Susan Angwin, Kerrie Argent, Christine Baker, Kate Campbell-Pope, Ann Copeman, Jenny Crisp, Annette Davis, Phoebe Duff, Nikki Green, Anne Grotian, Catherine Higham, Robyn Lees, Barb Madden, Rachel Mordy, Jill O’Meehan, Nat Rad, Lizzie Riley, Margaret Sanders, Renee Tan Farrant, Jo Wassell.