Stories and Structures - New Connections

Fri 9 Aug 2019Sun 13 Oct 2019


Museum of Geraldton

Stories and Structures - New Connections, presented by Microscopy Australia, explores the rich connections between Aboriginal art and the microscopic structures hidden in the natural world, revealing unexpected and intriguing similarities.

This exhibition brings together a story-telling and image making tradition, developed over 60,000 years or more, with scientific imaging created by high-tech instruments.

The artists who have participated in this exhibition come from around Australia and have brought their own styles, traditions and insights to produce new works relating to selected microscopic images. The works reveal the deep and intimate relationship between Culture and Country in a wholly new way, with previously unseen cross-cultural perspectives on how we all know and understand our world.

Caption: Birnoo Country

Credit: Gordon Barney, Warmun Art Centre