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Title Descriptionsort icon Material Number of Items ANCODS Wreck
PSC5069 Perseverant Camp 1841
BILS8 Beacon Island Land Site
BILS14 Beacon Island Land Site
BILS19 Beacon Island Land Site
BILS39 Beacon Island Land Site
BILS46 Beacon Island Land Site
BILS57 Beacon Island Land Site
BILS70 Beacon Island Land Site
BILS73 Beacon Island Land Site
BILS78 Beacon Island Land Site
BILS84 Beacon Island Land Site
BILS87 Beacon Island Land Site
BILS93 Beacon Island Land Site
BILS98 Beacon Island Land Site
BILS104 Beacon Island Land Site
BILS107 Beacon Island Land Site
BILS112 Beacon Island Land Site
BILS115 Beacon Island Land Site
BILS119 Beacon Island Land Site
BILS128 40 Beacon Island Land Site
BILS129 Beacon Island Land Site
BILS140 Beacon Island Land Site
BILS141 Beacon Island Land Site
BILS152 Beacon Island Land Site
BILS162 Beacon Island Land Site
BILS169 Beacon Island Land Site
BILS177 Beacon Island Land Site
BILS251 Beacon Island Land Site
BILS439 15 Beacon Island Land Site
BILS440 41 Beacon Island Land Site
BILS445 30 Beacon Island Land Site
BILS448 Beacon Island Land Site
BILS518 Beacon Island Land Site
BILS535 2 Beacon Island Land Site
BILS623 1 Beacon Island Land Site
BILS711 3 Beacon Island Land Site
BILS712 25 Beacon Island Land Site
BILS714 1 Beacon Island Land Site
BILS715 1 Beacon Island Land Site
BILS716 1 Beacon Island Land Site
BILS717 2 Beacon Island Land Site
BILS776 Beacon Island Land Site
BILS778 Beacon Island Land Site
BILS1016 Beacon Island Land Site

According to M.M. this is a plastic modern object and should not be classified as an artefact.

Miscellaneous 1 Long Jetty site, Fremantle

1xsmall round head tack, same as MDI 184 though slightly smaller

FERROUS 1 Middle Island Recherche
BEL7 - Lead

2 x molten lead fragments

Lead 2 Belinda
BEL196 - Marine

2 x shells
1. Small intact cowrie shell
2. Small cone shell fragment

Marine 2 Belinda

4 x small ceramic sherds
1. 3 x glazed porcelain
2. 1 x black glazed earthenware fragment

CERAMICS 4 Belinda
MF2716a - Lead

6 bullets

Lead 6 Mira Flores
GT1015 - Resin/wax/etc


Resin/wax/etc 1 Vergulde Draeck (Gilt Dragon)
SE776 - Porcelain

Bowl section: white porcelain.

Porcelain 1 Sepia
MIR5855 - Glass


Glass 1 Middle Island Recherche
EG1498 - Concretions

Conglomerate of wood, coal etc.

Concretions 2 Eglinton

Cup base, Chinese blue/white porcelain with dark blue underglaze decoration—Pagoda & fence; interior marking ? water and rocks.

JPW4086 - Copper/brass

Electric light (passage?), glass, brass & light globe

Copper/brass 1 J.P.Webb
BAT21122 - Stoneware

Handle Sherd, Westerwald

Stoneware 1 Batavia
BAT21164 - Earthenware

Handle Sherd- earthenware

Earthenware 1 Batavia
ZW1324 - Stoneware

Jug sherd: plain.

Stoneware 1 Zeewijk
ZW1372 - Stoneware

Jug sherds + 1 fragment.

Stoneware 4 Zeewijk

Maybe one or two nails amongst fragments, poor preservation Fragments F003 Unit 004

FERROUS 13 Middle Island Recherche
BAT2115 - Stoneware

Medallion fragment, blue//grey-floral

Stoneware 1 Batavia
RP5295 - Copper/brass

Nails, copper

Copper/brass 3 Rapid
RP4123 - Ship's fittings

Nails, Square

Ship's fittings 5 Rapid
RP4327 - Copper/brass


Copper/brass 35 Rapid
RP4153a - Copper/brass


Copper/brass 15 Rapid
BAT21191 - Majolica

Patterned sherd - blue, Majolica

Majolica 2 Batavia

Possible quartz outer core fragment

STONE 1 Middle Island Recherche
RP4196 - Fittings

Pulley Sheave

Fittings 1 Rapid
S2928 - Fittings

Pulley sheave.

Fittings 1 Star
BAT4230 - Rope/leather/etc.

Rope (in two fragments)

Rope/leather/etc. 1 Batavia
RS32 - Bronze

Sheathing nails and fragments.

Bronze 38 Lively Rowley Shoals
MIR5862 - Miscellaneous/Unidentified

Small ferrous metal pieces, form and function not discernible

Miscellaneous/Unidentified 15 Middle Island Recherche
MIR5845 - Miscellaneous/Unidentified

Small ferrous metal pieces, form and function not discernible Fragments

Miscellaneous/Unidentified 8 Middle Island Recherche
MIR5865 - Miscellaneous/Unidentified

Small metal piece, form and function not discernible Fragment

Miscellaneous/Unidentified 1 Middle Island Recherche
MIR6100 - Miscellaneous/Unidentified

Small metal pieces, form and function not discernible Fragments

Miscellaneous/Unidentified 5 Middle Island Recherche

Small tubular material, maybe clay? Fragment

UNKNOWN 1 Middle Island Recherche
WA3821 - Fittings

Timber unid . 190x7x7cms

Fittings 1 Wave
MIR6054 - Copper/brass

Tiny copper-alloy lid or valve cap Cap

Copper/brass 1 Middle Island Recherche
S2874 - Ship's timber

Unidentified wood piece w/ saw cut.

Ship's timber 1 Star
RP5333 - Lead

Water-line draught mark: lead.Section of ‘X’

Lead 1 Rapid

White Small plain piece of earthenware ceramic Fragment

CERAMICS 1 Middle Island Recherche
BILS5718 - Miscellaneous

Wood pieces x 3, Charcoal x 1

Miscellaneous 4 Beacon Island Land Site

"Bottle, brown glass w/ screw top; marked '6'. Modern c. 6 ounce medicine or poison bottle."

Beacon Island Land Site

"Brass button, dome-shaped w/ loop shank. Diam. 8 mm; Ht. 13 mm (Shank broken, temporarily repaired w/UHU"

Beacon Island Land Site

"Buckle, : 21.5 x 27 mm w/sliding chape. Coarse weave fabric/webbing attached."

Beacon Island Land Site

"Close to stomach, dark soil"

Beacon Island Land Site

"Copper alloy button, hollow cast, dome-shaped w/ line decoration. Possible Fe shank."

Beacon Island Land Site

"Fabric, fine weave folded lump"

Beacon Island Land Site

'D' valve shaft: iron.

FERROUS 1 Xantho

'D' valve shaft: iron.

FERROUS 1 Xantho

'D' valve.

FERROUS 1 Xantho

'D' valve: iron.

FERROUS 1 Xantho
EL363ABC - Miscellaneous/Unidentified

(A) 1 Grey stone. (B) 1 small wood fragment. (C) 2 small conglomerates containing copper.

Miscellaneous/Unidentified 4 Elizabeth
EL313A-E - Ship's fittings

(A) 1 iron bolt. (B) Part of iron seal-shaped object. (C) Iron corrosion from corner of box. (D) Hollow pipe w/ iron corrosion. (E) Small fragment of iron plating.

Ship's fittings 5 Elizabeth
EL308ABC - Glass

(A) 11 square bottle mouth fragments: 1 w/ cork. (B) 2 round bottle lips: one w/ cork. (C) 2 complete corks plus fragments.

Glass 15 Elizabeth
EL384AB - Porcelain

(A) 2 Asian blue/white jar sherds. (B) 1 white cup sherd.

Porcelain 3 Elizabeth
ZT348 - Copper/brass

(A) 2 Purple glass fragment. (B) 2 Green glass fragment. (C) Iron corrosion fragment. (D) Copper fragment.

Copper/brass 2 Zuiddorp (Zuytdorp)
EL389ABC - Unspecified

(A) 2 stones. (B) 2 conglomerates containing metal. (C) 1 piece of wood.

Unspecified 5 Elizabeth
UNID353AB - Copper/brass

(A) 4 metal pieces heavily encrusted. (B) 2 Copper pieces. (Coburn Sound)

Copper/brass 6 Unidentified
R624 - Copper/brass

(A) Brass sheething: fragments only. (B) 1 piece of iron.

Copper/brass 4 Raven
EL463AB - Glass

(A) Drinking glass stem fragment. (B) Glass bottle base.

Glass 2 Elizabeth

(A) Tile fragment. (B) Pottery fragment w/ floral decoration. (C) Pottery fragment: plain. (D) Mouth fragment of jug: glazed. (E) White porcelain fragment.

CERAMICS 5 Elizabeth
CV536AB - Ship's timber

(A) Timber w/ copper bolt. (B) Timber w/ iron bolt.

Ship's timber 2 Cervantes
UNID344AB - Ship's fittings

(A) Tree nail. (B) Timber fragment from piece of mast 10’ long, 18’ diam.

Ship's fittings 2 Unidentified
BAT80348a - Ship's fittings

(Nail).Cannon ball this no

Ship's fittings 1 Batavia
DHE2 - Copper/brass

0.22 calibre “Hornet” cartridge blanks.

Copper/brass 3 Dirk Hartog Excavation
DHE8 - Copper/brass

0.22 calibre “Hornet” cartridge blanks. Marked “P S O” and “ 8 9”.

Copper/brass 11 Dirk Hartog Excavation
DHE4 - Copper/brass

0.22 calibre “Hornet” cartridge blanks. Marked “P S O” and “8 9”.

Copper/brass 18 Dirk Hartog Excavation
DHE3 - Copper/brass

0.22 calibre “Hornet” cartridge blanks. Marked “P S O” and “89”.

Copper/brass 12 Dirk Hartog Excavation
DHE55 - Copper/brass

0.22 Short cartridge.

Copper/brass 1 Dirk Hartog Excavation
DHE5A - Copper/brass

0.45 callibre cartridge (fired). Marked: ‘W.R.A. Co.’ and ‘44 W.C.F.’

Copper/brass 2 Dirk Hartog Excavation
BEL272 - Cargo

1 3 x barrel stave fragments;
2. 7 x misc. wood fragments

Cargo 9 Belinda

1 bag of Ceramic fragments from concretion.


1 base; 2 necks; 6 sherds: from onion-shaped wine bottles

CERAMICS 9 Zeewijk
CCP5533 - Glass

1 Cadbury / Schweppes clear glass bottle base.

Glass 1 Calliance Camp
DHE4767 - Copper/brass

1 Cartidge cases, .22 calibre rim fire shorts

Copper/brass 2 Dirk Hartog Excavation
DHE69 - Copper/brass

1 cartridge base and 1 head plus fragment.

Copper/brass 3 Dirk Hartog Excavation
NMM4360 - Stoneware

1 ceramic bottle body fragments

Stoneware 1 New Maritime Museum
NMM4361 - Stoneware

1 ceramic bottle body fragments

Stoneware 1 New Maritime Museum
SB2438 - Glass

1 complete bottle, 1 bottle w/ top missing, 1 bottle neck with lip missing (brown glass) and 1 green glass base, champagne style beer.

Glass 4 African (Sunset Beach wreck)
NRU2 - Copper/brass

1 copper alloy piece of metal-possibly from a water tank?

Copper/brass 1 Ningaloo Reef Unidentified
ENT5804a - Miscellaneous/Unidentified

1 corroded metal bolt/fastener.

Miscellaneous/Unidentified 1 Eagle’s Nest
ENT5804b - Miscellaneous/Unidentified

1 corroded metal bolt/fastener.

Miscellaneous/Unidentified 1 Eagle’s Nest

1 Fe nail, 2 Fe fragments

3 Zeewijk

1 Fe nail, 2 Fe fragments

3 Zeewijk
ZW4549 - Clay pipes

1 Pipe bowl fragment, 1 wine glass fragment

Clay pipes 2 Zeewijk
ZT3282 - Silver

1 Six Stuiver and 9 fragments.

Silver 10 Zuiddorp (Zuytdorp)
MIR5990 - Marine

1 small shell complete

Marine 1 Middle Island Recherche
RP4252E - Earthenware

1 Terracotta fragment and 1 stoneware fragment

Earthenware 2 Rapid

1 Wood sample and 4 timber lengths (with copper corrosion around nail/bolt holes).

TIMBER 4 Unidentified

1 x 1950 Australian 3 pence coin.
TO BE REGISTERED IN NUMISMATIC COLLECTION - given to Walter Bloom for registration on 13.04.16 (DS)

UNKNOWN 1 Middle Island Recherche

1 x base and 6 x sherds of case bottle (some pieces fit together). Probably from Gun Island.

CERAMICS 7 Zeewijk
BAT3956 - Copper/brass

1 x copper alloy buckle, c. 1844, see Cunnington & Cunnington, p.42.
1 x copper alloy nail w timber attached, probably from a c. 19th C clinker built boat.

Copper/brass 2 Batavia
BEL5126 - Animal

1 x faunal bone

Animal 1 Belinda
BEL5127 - Animal

1 x faunal bone

Animal 1 Belinda
BEL217 - Animal

1 x faunal bone, possibly thigh bone from a bird. Cut/ butchered.

Animal 1 Belinda
W5565 - Lead

1 x fishing sinker length 42mm;
1 x fishing sinker length 19mm;
UNID object (projectile?) 19mm diam. lg. 13mm

Lead 3 Wonnerup
BEL255 - Lead

1 x folded lead sheet fragment with tack holes evident and 3 x small coal fragments.

Lead 4 Belinda

1 x fragment of blue print ceramic

CERAMICS 1 Batavia
BRB5840 - Miscellaneous/Unidentified

1 x Large fragment of ferrous concretion, possibly chain.

Miscellaneous/Unidentified 1 Breton Bay Area
CA5779 - Glass

1 x large green glass bottle; has foil (?) and cork in top, possibly original.

Glass 1 Carlisle Castle
KMB1149 - Rope/leather/etc.

1 x leather shoe and 7 x leather fragments

Rope/leather/etc. 8 Samuel Wright
LJ53G - Patterned Earthenware

1 x plate sherd: white.

Patterned Earthenware 1 Long Jetty site, Fremantle
BAT4818 - Animal

1 x small bone fragment

Animal 1 Batavia
BEL313 - Copper/brass

1 x small burnt fragment of copper/ brass

Copper/brass 1 Belinda
BUN5786 - Ship's timber

1 x Timber samples:

Ship's timber 1 Bunbury Unknown
MIR5827 - Tools

1 x whole iron nail and 5 x fragments of iron nails. Corroded condition.

Tools 6 Middle Island Recherche

1 x wooden pulley sheave fragment, weathered. 1 x ferrous corroded chain fragment. 1 x copper alloy sheathing fragment.

Miscellaneous 3 Emu Point, Albany
SE804C - Glass

1) Pickle jar, light green.

Glass 1 Sepia
EG893B - Glass

1) 12 x bottles w/ contents. Tray 01.
2) 11 x bottles w/ broken necks. Tray 08.
3) 13 x complete bottles. Tray 06, 07.
4) 14 x bottle bases. Tray 07.
5) 11 glass fragments. Tray 07.

Glass 61 Eglinton
BEL89 - Ship's structure

1. 1 x broken end fragment of trenail, cut one end and broken other end, 6 worked faces and cut to blunt taper at cut end
2. 1 wood block, small

Ship's structure 2 Belinda
BEL5136 - Animal

1. 1 x small bone button or bead with single hole
2. 9 x faunal bone fragments, 2 with evidence of butchering/ cutting

Animal 10 Belinda
BEL5138 - Animal

1. 1x intact bone button with 4 holes and raised edge around rim on top face, convex rear face
2. 5 x faunal bone fragments

Animal 6 Belinda
BEL168 - Copper/brass

1. 1x sheathing tack, copper, square section round head
2. 1x sheathing tack, copper, square section round head
3. 1 x copper nail or tack
4. 1 x UNID fragment possibly molten copper

Copper/brass 4 Belinda
BEL225 - Copper/brass

1. 2 x domed brass buttons
2. Sheathing tack, flat head, rounded shank, corroded

Copper/brass 3 Belinda
BEL5133 - Animal

1. 2 x stones, flint
2. 1x small fragment of faunal bone with evidence of butchering/ cutting

Animal 3 Belinda
BEL203 - Copper/brass

1. 3 x broken corroded sheathing tack fragments
2. 5 x corroded round headed copper nails or tacks, various lengths and bent
3. Intact sheathing tack, square section, round head
4. Sheathing tack, square section, round head, tip possibly broken off

Copper/brass 10 Belinda
BEL267 - Copper/brass

1. 3 x intact copper sheathing nails or tacks, round section and round headed
2. 9 x corroded fragments of copper sheathing nails or tacks

Copper/brass 12 Belinda
BEL251 - Copper/brass

1. 4 x domed brass buttons
2. 1 x rounded brass button with eyelet
3. 1 x domed convex shaped brass button with rolled edge and brazed on cone on reverse, broken eyelet
4. Flat copper button, seam across reverse with cone and broken eyelet

Copper/brass 7 Belinda
BEL81 - Copper/brass

1. 4 x similar sheathing nails or tacks
2. 1 x long thin nail shank, square section

Copper/brass 5 Belinda
BEL3550 - Copper/brass

1. 9 x small fragments of copper sheathing
2. 1 x large piece of broken copper sheathing
3. 2 x intact sheathing tacks, square section, round head
4. 1 x intact rag spike

Sheathing (9 fragments), + 2 sheathing tacks + 1 dog spike, copper

Copper/brass 13 Belinda

1. Converter - Large hollow cylindrical converter. Set into a rectangular base which rises into a trapezium shape to support the cylinder. The base is hollow underneath with four empty screw holes in fortified corners. There is a crossbar through the centre of the rectangle with a large hole in the centre and three screws (one on one side of the hole and two on the other). The hole is larger than the screws an unlikely to have contained a fourth screw. Embossed on top of the base at one end are the letters “BRC”, two more figures which are indistinguishable, then “100”. The cylinder itself has two large screws on each side, and a metal plate attached to the top with two small screws. The markings on the plate are heavily worn, but some of what is discernible reads “230 D.C.” and “AMPS”. The end of the cylinder is also marked with “H.V” and “EA-80925” There are three screw holes at the top and base of each end of the cylinder. The ends of the cylinder also have large metal protrusions in a “U” shape. Each side of the “U” has a large metal screw going through it with a black screw cap on the outside. The base of the “u” has a circular plate with four screws and a long twisted wire attached to the top and base. Inside the “u”, extending towards the inside of the cylinder is a large circular gear which is attached to the large, wire, rotating centre of the converter.
2. Metal plate - Warped metal plate, bent inwards at two points, then outwards at a third. Heavily eroded with a number of holes.
3. Metal plate - Flat, heavily eroded metal plate. Has one empty screw hole, with a second screw hole and remnants of a screw beside it.
4. Metal plate - Small section of metal plate, heavily eroded. Contains fully threaded screw which is only threaded 2 mm through the plate with the remainder of the screw protruding above the plate. Screw has a flathead crease and a mobile metal washer.
5. Metal pin - Solid metal pin which is threaded for 9 mm on either end. One end has a single hexagonal washer threaded 3 mm in.
6. Screw - Single screw with a small amount of eroded metal plate surrounding it. Screw is fully threaded with a flathead groove.
7. Screw-Single screw (see artefact 6) with slightly more eroded metal plate protruding to one side of the screw.
8. Screw - Single screw (see artefact 6 and 7) with no metal plate surrounding it and a metal washer along its length (not attached/fully mobile and removable)

NON-FERROUS 8 Broome Aircraft Wrecks

1. Flare gun - a Very (verey) type flare gun, largely intact except for a small section of the handle which has broken away/eroded. Simple design with a wide, smooth barrel set on a basic metal handle. Has a single action trigger mechanism with the trigger in the pulled position, and the hammer and firing pin cocked. Near front of handle, underneath the barrel, is a pin with a ring, indicating a shell-extractor mechanism. The side of the handle is stamped with ‘MARK III A ONE INCH’, indicating calibre. The top of the barrel bears the makers mark ‘HARRINGTON & RICHARDSON ARMS CO.’
2. Main spring - designed to sit in the handle of the flare, where it is eroded, to store energy. Is a long metal pin surrounded by metal coil. Has a large trapezium shaped head with a half moon top which locks in with the base of the hammer.
3. Metal pin - short metal pin, smooth with no markings, consistent in diameter and with flat ends. Unsure about purpose/place in gun.
4. Metal shard - relatively flat piece of warped metal. Potentially a part of handle but difficult to determine.
5. Metal shard - second, smaller shard of warped metal. Again possibly part of missing handle section but unsure.
6. Coil fragment - small piece of coil, only one rotation, broken away from main spring (artefact 2).
7. Bearing - Small, smooth piece of metal, possible a warped sphere. Could be a bearing of some kind. Unsure of purpose in flare gun.

NON-FERROUS 7 Broome Aircraft Wrecks
BEL169 - Copper/brass

1. Flat copper button, brazed cone and eyelet on reverse.
2. Flat brass button, broken eyelet on reverse.

Copper/brass 2 Belinda
BEL263 - Copper/brass

1. Flat copper/brass button, brazed cone and eyelet on reverse, eyelet missing
2. Small copper/brass button, no eyelet apparent

Copper/brass 2 Belinda
BEL284 - Lead

1. Folded sheet lead
2. Small lead scrap fragment

Lead 2 Belinda
GT6172A - Ship's timber

1. Fragment of frame timber with two treenails. Poorly preserved, worm-riddled.
2. Fragment of hull or ceiling planking with small knot . No fasteners or sheathing nail holes preserved on its exterior surface. Plus four fragments broken off from this timber.

Ship's timber 1 Vergulde Draeck (Gilt Dragon)
GT6025 - Ship's timber

1. Fragment of frame timber. Latter in two parts, has two partial treenail holes preserved along its edge (worn out).
2. Fragment of hull planking with partial treenail hole preserved along its edge. Exterior surface: Sheathing nail holes preserved, square in section, closely spaced in diagonal or alternating pattern.
Old description: Cock of timber with bolt hole (treenail).

Ship's timber 3 Vergulde Draeck (Gilt Dragon)
GT6154 - Ship's timber

1. Fragment of hull planking with one treenail hole. Exterior surface preserved with sheathing nail holes, square in section, closely spaced in diagonal or alternating pattern.
2. Fragment of frame with three treenail holes, two partially preserved on edge, and one with treenail inside. One nail hole with square iron nail shaft. Very worn surface.

Ship's timber 2 Vergulde Draeck (Gilt Dragon)
GT6019 - Ship's timber

1. Fragment of hull planking with sacrificial planking attached. Wood poorly preserved. Hull planking: Two partial treenail holes preserved; no other fasteners such as iron nails preserved (treenails itself are missing). Sheathing: with nail holes, square in section, closely spaced in diagonal or alternating pattern. Exterior surface; rounded nail head impressions preserved.

2. Joining #1. Fragment of hull planking with two partial treenails along its edge, and three nails holes (two have head impression on the exterior planking surface and run through the entire planking thickness. Nails square in section. Exterior surface: Sheathing nail holes preserved, square in section, closely spaced in diagonal or alternating pattern.

Old description: Timber fragments, broken from one piece w/ treenail between.

Ship's timber 2 Vergulde Draeck (Gilt Dragon)
GT6123B - Ship's timber

1. Fragments of frame timber, with one treenail (no other fasteners).
2. Fragment of flat scarf end of planking. Bolt or treenail hole at this end. Two holes from iron nails, square in section, running transversely through the timber at it lower end. Nails are 0.065 apart centre-to-centre distance.

Ship's timber 2 Vergulde Draeck (Gilt Dragon)

1. Gauge: Specifically oil pressure gauge. Short, broken valve connected to a large round gauge with broken face plate. Gauge face labelled ‘OIL LBS SQ IN’ and marked ‘100’ to 800’ from left to right. Further markings visible but difficult to read. Small needle fixed to the centre of the gauge above two small screws. Bottom right corner contains glass shards from original gauge covering. Face plate held in place by three screws, the fourth broken off along with bottom right hand corner of the plate.
2. Valve fitting: Comprised of three sections. The first is a threaded right angle fitting. The second is a short threaded fitting with a hexagonal centre. The final section is threaded into the previous section, and from there attaches to a more complex mechanism. A flat ‘L’ shaped plate sits above a thin, anchor shaped piece with a grooved edge. A small pin with a gear at its base passes through the top plate and sits against the anchor. A third, wide metal piece extends off the anchor piece.
3. Screws: Two screws, both 40 mm in length with threading on the bottom 10 mm. A thin piece of wire passes through the head of both screws in a ‘U’ shape, connecting them together. Appear to have flathead grooves.
4. Screw: Single screw, with its entire length threaded and a flathead groove.
5. Makers plate: Small long plate with rounded edges and two small holes at either end. Some of makers mark is visible, including ‘MAXWELL’, ‘INC’, and ‘BRIDGEPORT. CONN., USA’. Likely to be the safety valve company Manning, Maxwell, and Moore Inc.
6. Metal shard: Has a number of points, as well and concave and convex curves, two of which seem to fit the broken section of the face plate and the closest screw void.

NON-FERROUS 6 Broome Aircraft Wrecks

1. Harness buckle: Rectangular base plate with four screw holes (three screws, one empty). One end of the plate has a slit, presumably for harness latch to lock into. Back of base plate numbered with ‘1840-I’. On top of the base plate sits a large square section with hollowed slits on both sides, 18 mm from the base, supported by small circular pieces inside the slit. On top of the square section sits a circular plate with a flat edge. It has a single centre screw and rotates slightly. The plate is engraved with a curved arrow pointing to the right, and the words ‘TURN TO UNLOCK’ and ‘PRESS TO RELEASE’. Top left hand section of the plate has some damage/erosion.
2. Fitting: ‘L’ shaped plate with two screw holes at each end. Length of both ends is equal, they sit at slightly more than a 90 degree angle. In the corner is a tall fitting with a threaded interior. Remnants of another fitting inside, and small holes spaced evenly around the top edge of the fitting.
3. Screw: Section of a screw, no head, just a smooth section (11 mm) and a threaded section (5 mm).
4. Spring remnants: Small, broken spring, consisting of 25 individual pieces of coil. Most very small with only one or a section of one full rotation. Largest piece is three full rotations.

NON-FERROUS 4 Broome Aircraft Wrecks
BEL331 - Copper/brass

1. Intact sliding latch housing with base plate number ‘1959’ stamped on base plate.
2. Base plate only for sliding latch mechanism, ‘1959’ stamped on base plate.

Copper/brass 2 Belinda
BEL292 - Lead

1. Metal (copper alloy?)cap fitting for tool or utensil handle
2. Curved sheet lead fragment

Lead 2 Belinda

1. Radio capacitor - large, brown, rectangular capacitor. Two triangular ends jut out on either end of the base, with a large screw in each. Removable base with four empty screw holes and evidence of stamping (indecipherable). On top of capacitor sit the positive and negative connections, one of which has the remnants of a connection still attached. Top of the capacitor has a number of raised stamps reading ‘CORNELL-DUBILIER’, ‘CAPACITOR TYPE 197-6’, ‘AMPS 6’, ‘KC 1000’, ‘MFD 003’, and ‘3000 VOLTS’.
2. Metal casing - cylindrical metal casing with a rounded top. Completely hollow, large amounts of erosion.
3. Coil coupling- hexagonal screw top visible, remainder of screw encased in thick, coiled wires. Heavily eroded.
4. Radio component - Large metal box which is shaped like a rectangle, except halfway along the shape shifts down a few cm so it looks like two halves of a rectangle that didn’t meet exactly in the centre. Inside the box sit two cylinders held by rectangular frames at each end. The frames have a number of holes designed to hold wooden dowel pieces and square metal rods. The pieces are in varying states of remaining in the holes or fallen to the base of the box. The cylinders themselves are covered in continuous circular grooves.

Miscellaneous 4 Broome Aircraft Wrecks
BEL266 - Copper/brass

1. Rag spike, rectangular tapered to a point, rectangular flat head bent over
2. Broken cylindrical spike, squared tapered end, head missing
3. Cylindrical bolt, eroded
4. Concreted clench ring with stone caught in centre hole

Copper/brass 4 Belinda
BEL172 - Lead

1. Semicircular lead ingot
2. 7 x scraps of molten lead

Lead 8 Belinda

1. Servo component: Most likely an automatic pilot interface. Manifold with three tubes, connected to a face plate. Face plate has three gauges with graduated wheels controlled by three turning knobs with chisel grips. Two outer wheels are largely degraded, inner wheel is mostly intact and numbered left to right ‘4, 3, 2’. Above each wheel a downwards facing arrow indicates number. Face plate labelled along the top with ‘SERVO’ between left and centre gauges and ‘SPEED’ between centre and right gauges. Beneath centre gauge plate is labelled ‘AILERON’. Labelling beneath two outer gauges is discernible but indecipherable. At the bottom centre of the plate the makers mark reads ‘SPERRY GYROSCOPIC CO INC. BROOKLYN NY’.

2. Threaded fitting: Short, wide threaded piece with hexagonal end threaded onto a longer fitting with a thin threaded section, a wide hexagonal centre, and a slightly narrower, smooth section. Entire piece is hollow. The end of the smooth section has broken off, possibly with the remnants of another fitting inside it.

Miscellaneous 2 Broome Aircraft Wrecks

1. Servo manifold - Long, cylindrical, hollow metal barrel with five protrusions. Three barrels extend in a row from the bottom of the main manifold cylinder. All three end with handle screws and are embossed on each side with an anti clockwise arrow at the word “OPEN” at the top, and a clockwise arrow and the word “CLOSE” at the bottom. One of the barrels is also marked with “297-3”. From on side of the main manifold barrels extends a threaded sections with a large hexagonal coupling attached. The other side of the main manifold barrel has three hollow, eroded couplings. At the op of the main manifold barrel extends the fifth protrusion, a final barrel which is again topped with a handle screw and embossed with a clockwise arrow and the word “CLOSE” and and anti clockwise arrow next to a heavily eroded word which is likely “OPEN”.
2. Servo manifold - Section of manifold set on a short, central hollow barrel. Two parallel barrels extend from the top, both topped with moveable washers and embossed with anti clockwise arrows next to the word “OPEN”, and clockwise arrows next to the word “CLOSE”. A third barrel with a large hexagonal coupling extends from one side of the main barrel, while the other side has two coupling protrusions, one mostly eroded (see artefact 5), and the other threaded with a hexagonal and circular coupling. A final barrel extends from the base which is once again marked with arrows and the words “OPEN” and “CLOSE”.
3. Manifold fragment - Solid plat section of manifold with a large protruding screw, a thin pin-like protrusion, and a circular indent.
4. Manifold fragment - Large centre with a circular rubber washer attached. Two thin lengths of metal extend on either side along with two half screw holes and two encapsulated ones on each end. On the back is the engraved number “9”.
5. Metal coupling - small metal coupling, threaded section with a circular and hexagonal coupling attached. Conjoins with the missing coupling from artefact 2.
6. Misc. metal fragments - Eight small metal fragments, mostly sections of couplings or manifold plates.
7. Screws - Five screws, all the same length and diameter, all threaded 8 mm in from the end on both ends. Three screws have a hexagonal nut on one end, while the remaining two have a hexagonal nut on both ends.
8. Rubber washer - Hollow circular washer identical to that attached to artefact 4.

Miscellaneous 8 Broome Aircraft Wrecks

1. Sextant: largely intact, frame is a basic triangle with a graduated arc at the base and cross bars extending from each side and the base into the centre. Thin, 3 mm diameter legs support the two base corners while a larger, 14 mm diameter conical leg supports the point. Where the cross bars meet a screw penetrates then extends down to form a centre support leg. On the left side of the frame three circular lenses sit on a horizontal screw. The first is black with no visibility and is fully rotational. The second is a transparent blue and is partially rotational. The third is a transparent green and immovable. These lenses sit in front the horizon mirror frame (glass piece removed). The frame is rectangular (long sides vertical) with the bottom half solid and upper half hollow for visibility. Further along the left side of the frame there are four glass filters. The filters are circular lenses set into square frames which rotate along a single screw. The first two filters a fairly rotational and are dark blue and green. The second two filters are far more stiff and show less visibility. Along the centre of the frame lies the index arm. The arm is circular at the point of the sextant, and swivels along the graduated arc at the base. At the circular point sits the index mirror frame. Like the horizon mirror frame the glass piece has been removed. The index frame’s long sides sit on the horizontal, and the piece is completely solid and held in place by three screws at its back. The other end of the index arm swivels almost the full extent of the graduated arc. It supports a plastic graduated drum, numbered ’0’ to ‘50’, as well as a locking device. At the right base point of the sextant sits the telescope, with the eye piece facing the centre of the sextant and the telescope lens facing out.
2. Index mirror: Glass section removed from index mirror frame.
3. Horizon mirror: Glass section removed from horizon mirror frame.
4. Rubber component: Rubber ring which may have been an eye cushion for the telescope or served a similar function.
5. Fabric washer: small, very soft fabric washer used to protect a fitting. Unsure of purpose in sextant.

5 Broome Aircraft Wrecks
BEL306 - Copper/brass

1. Sheathing nail or tack, round head, corroded
2. Corroded copper fragment

Copper/brass 2 Belinda
BEL223 - Copper/brass

1. Sheathing tack, square section, round head
2. Sheathing tack, square section, round head
3. Bent copper nail or tack, round head

Copper/brass 3 Belinda
EM3395 - Copper/brass

1. Siebe Gorman diving helmet: mostly crushed. Threaded collar and face port, port glass missing, side port mesh intact but glass missing, inlet and exhaust valves present;
2. Triangular broken section of thin-walled helmet with hole in it;
3. One-way air valve made of two threaded pieces attached with six slotted grub screws (one screw missing). One threaded piece has hexagonal bolt in section, partially abraded.

Copper/brass 3 Emma
BEL72a - Fittings

1. Single pulley pendant block: square hole on one side and circular hole on other side for pulley spindle, well preserved oval shape, worked smoothed edges for rope strops/ rigging,probably for standing rigging. Similar to JM398 single pulley block with coake.
2. Single pulley rebated on one side for brass bearing, lignum vitae

Fittings 2 Belinda
BEL209 - Copper/brass

1. Small dome brass button, no eyelet.
2. Hull fastening - broken end of rag spike
3. Hull fastening - Eroded broken fragment of small cylindrical bolt
4. Hull fastening - broken fragment cylindrical bolt

Copper/brass 4 Belinda
BEL19 - Lead

1. Strip of lead fragment
2. Lead ingot in quarter circle shape

Lead 2 Belinda
GT6172D - Ship's timber

1. Two adjoing fragments of hull planking with a treenail, round in section, with square peg driven in from its exterior surface, and two partial treenail holes along its edge. Exterior surfaces: sheathing nail holes, square in section, closely spaced in diagonal or alternating pattern. Wood poorly preserved; cracked longitudinally in direction of its grain. Plus five tiny fragments that have crumbled or broken off this timber.

2. Fragment of ship's timber with knot. No fasteners or other diagnostic features preserved.

3. Frame of ship's timber with treenail, treenail hole, and partial treenail hole preserved along its edge. Nail hole preserved next to treenail.

Plus 27 tiny fragments that have crumbled or broken off these timbers.

Ship's timber 3 Vergulde Draeck (Gilt Dragon)

1. Union/screw: Long metal bar with a hexagonal top extends down to a round stopper. Around this section sits a large, mobile piece with a hexagonal top and a threaded base. Past the round stopper is a fibrous (rubber) washer and a rounded conical piece with four short prongs at its end. The union is connected to artefact 2 with twisted wire at its head.

2. Almost identical to artefact 1. Slightly more erosion on the large hexagonal piece, and missing its base prongs.

Possible pressure release or oil drain valves

NON-FERROUS 2 Broome Aircraft Wrecks

1. Wedge-shaped wooden chock
2. Worked timber with angled/ bevelled end and four worked faces.

TIMBER 2 Belinda
GT1405A - Cargo

1. Wood fragment (x1); 2. part of a barrel stave (x1).

Cargo 2 1985 Commonwealth Govt. Allocation: ANMM (00046474) Vergulde Draeck (Gilt Dragon)

1. Worked timber fragment with three faces, eroded in centre but may have already been hollowed out
2. Worked timber fragment with four or five faces, eroded condition

TIMBER 2 Belinda

1. Worked timber with carved curved edge, unknown function
2. 2 x timber fragments

TIMBER 3 Belinda
BEL5132 - Animal

10 x faunal bones.
1. 4 x larger bones with evidence of butchering
2. 6 x small bone fragments

Animal 9 Belinda
BUEE5706 - Ship's timber

10 x Timber sample

Ship's timber 10 Bunbury Excavation East
BUEE5707 - Ship's timber

10 x Timber samples

Ship's timber 10 Bunbury Excavation East
BEL194 - Glass

11 x clear stemware e.g. liqueur glass fragments

Glass 11 Belinda