In The Wild West Videos

Paul Doughty giving a lecture at a lectern

Wet and Wild: Frogs of the Kimberley

Terrestrial Zoology

Dr Ian D. MacLeod standing at a lectern giving a presentation

Rock art conservation: impact of microclimates on reactions of the environment with the engravings

Materials Conservation

Dr Mikael Siversson delivering a talk

Dinosaurs and other creatures

Earth and Planetary Sciences

Lyn Beazley

Seeing with eyes ancient and modern: how we are other animals see the world - Lyn Beazley

Dr Harry Butler presenting a lecture

Museum collectors and carers: one collector’s story

Alec Coles giving a lecture in the Maritime Museum

Critical collections: why museum collections matter

Dr Ian Godfrey delivering a lecture

Exploration and conservation: the Australasian Antarctic Expedition 1911-1914

Materials Conservation

Mark Harvey delivering a lecture

New Discoveries In The World Around Us

Terrestrial Zoology

Kirsten Tullis demonstrating taxidermy techniques

The Art and Science of Taxidermy

Glenn Moore stands at a podium, presenting a lecture

Seahorse tales and pregnant males

Aquatic Zoology

Western Australian Museum curator Stephen Anstey with the sabre used by Henry Dyson Naylor in 1854

Into the valley of death rode… Henry Dyson Naylor


Colours of the Earth

Earth and Planetary Sciences

Mack McCarthy speaking at an In the Wild West lecture

Wreck of the Zuytdorp

Maritime Archaeology

Mikael Siversson presenting a slideshow with a slide of a T-Rex fossil

Dinosaurs of the 21st Century: masters of the sky

Earth and Planetary Sciences

Mark Harvey standing at a podium giving a Lecture

Down Under Down Under: collecting in the dark zone

Terrestrial Zoology

Harry Butler standing amongst the crowd of his In the Wild West Lecture

Almost 'In The Wild'

Dr Kate Trinajstic, lecturing in front of a crowd at the WA Museum

Caught in the act: sex and the fossil record

Earth and Planetary Sciences

A slide from Alex Bevan's presentation who is standing to the right but in total darkness

The origin and evolution of the Solar System

Earth and Planetary Sciences

Sally May in the Museum theatre, standing behind a lectern with an image of the Australia II projected behind her.

Setting sail for the Olympics

Maritime History

Mark Harvey presenting the "Creepy Crawlies" lecture

Creepy Crawlies

Terrestrial Zoology

Doctor Ian MacLeod giving a lecture in the Maritime Museum in front of a screen

Shipwrecks and Chemists

Maritime Archaeology

Ian MacLeod delivers his lecture to an audience

Conservation of rock art in Western Australia

Materials Conservation

Corey Whisson delivers his talk to an audience

Spines, stings and shocks – Dangerous marine animals

Aquatic Zoology

Ann Delroy presents her lecture to an audience

“SIN, SAND, SORROW, SICKNESS AND SHILLING DRINKS”: Stories from the Western Australian Gold Rush


Profile of Mack McCarthy delivering a lecture

Guano and Pearls, Steamships and Suffragettes....

Maritime Archaeology